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Sep 30th

Hawkeyes, Reagan’s Rx take Dixie Boys wins; Minden HomeCare gets Belles victory


Results from Tuesday's action from the baseball fields at the Minden Recreation Complex

Dixie Boys

Hawkeyes 12, Braves 11

Davien Moore struck out seven batters to lead the Hawkeyes. Trent Geis tripled and singled and Cadence Morgan singled twice. Aaron Martin, Tanner Lipinski, Colt Wilson, Deago Lyday and Jordan Lyday all added base hits.

Coulson White singled and doubled and Aubrey Reynolds singled twice to lead the Braves. Thomas Lambert, Luke Griffith, Chance Whitlock, Jaxon Rowell, Josh Prince and Jeffery all added base hits.

Reagan RX 9, Tide 8

Spencer White singled and doubled and Sam marvin and Austin Jones both singled for Reagan's.

Britten Culverhouse had two triples to lead the Tide.

Dixie Youth

WS Construction 17, Minden Athletic 5

Jordan Dunn had two singles, a double and struck out eight batters to lead WS. Austin Wall singled, doubled and struck out six batters, and Dillion Gray and Holter Frye both had two hits. Brantly Ranger doubled and Preston Broadhead singled.

Daveyun Solomon had three hits to lead Athletic. Keith Smith added two singles.

Woodard Construction 14, Yankees 13

Tyler Perryman singled and tripled and Corbin Reid tripled to lead Woodard. Ryan Marquez doubled and Breyland Kemp, Adam Woodard and Karsun Randall all singled.

Matt Allum singled and doubled to lead the Yankees. Jalien Moore, Colby Myers, Tyler Seth and Aaron Cole all added base hits.


Shutterbugs View 11, La. Pain Clinic 8

Barron Bailey had three hits and Carson Fields had two to lead Shutterbugs View. Ken'Trell Parker struck out five batters and caleb Seipp and Nick Williams added base hits.

Stone Lawson tripled to lead La. Pain Clinic.

Dixie Inn Travel Center 18, HM&C Supply 6

Jordan Fuller struck out three batters to lead Dixie Inn.

Hayden Finley singled for HM&C.


Frizzell Consulting 16, Swain's Sluggers 0

Keegan Frizzell, Andrew Cooper and Kameron Talley all singled and homered to lead Frizzell. Maddox mandino had a home run and Xander Turner, Roman Tolbert, Dylan Miller and Ashton Stewart all had two hits. Cameron Herman and Parker hall added base hits.

Connor Scarlett, Michael Smith, Jakob Walker, Zach Hensel and Bryce Swain all singled for Swain's.

Holley Land Management 18, Minden Pediatrics 3

Matthew Seales had two doubles and a home run and Walker Wise singled, doubled and homered to lead Holley's. Christian Lewis, Skylar Davis, Corbin Kendrick and Brian Foster all had three hits. Thomas Rhame, Slaid Gandy and RJ Henson all had two hits. Chandler Stricland added a single.

Grady Brasher had two hits to lead Minden Pediatrics. Mason Harper, Jackson McKinney, JT Edge, Solomon Bryant and Ryley Pate all added base hits.

Holley Land Management 13, Vintage Car Club 5

Brian Foster had two triples and a home run and Matthew Seales had two doubles and a triple to lead Holley's. Corbin Kendrick had three hits and Slaid Gandy, Thomas Rhame and Walker Wise all had two hits. Christian lewis, Chandler Strickland and RJ Henson all added base hits.

Travion Sanders singled and homered to lead Vintage Car Club. Trenton McLaughlin and Aldravion Taylor both had two hits and James Smith, Justin Richardson and Javion Harris all added base hits.

Astros 11, Waterworks 6

Tristian Murray and Peyton Wells both had three hits to lead the Astros. Brandon Beck, Jacob Vanlangendonck, Jacob Corke and Cedric Williams all had two hits and Blaine Sparks, Ashton Sparks and Hunter Nutt all singled.

Eastland Carrigan, Lukas Krouse, Seth Johnson and Parker Cupples all had two hits to lead Waterworks. Keaton Moore, Jake Moro, Payton Allen, Ryan Sheets and Luke Meek all added base hits.


Minden HomeCare 17, .38 Reasons 7

Sunni Wilson had two hits and Jessica Mangrum and Courtney Machen had one each to lead HomeCare.

Tyia Green homered to lead .38 Reasons. Mariah Washington and Metosha Gill both singled.






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