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Oct 01st

Results from the Minden Charity Classic

This year was the eighth year of the Minden Charity Classic Golf Tournament.

Minden Charity President Mike Harper said there were a record number of sponsors this year, which means more money to help those in need.

"We are very pleased with this year's results – a record number of sponsors – 112, and that's where the bulk of the money comes from," Harper said

Since its inception in 2004, the Minden Charity Golf Classic has distributed more than $205,000 to 140 families in need.

Results from the tournament are as follows:

Championship Flight

1st place-Eric Brown and Travis Myers 67, 63-130

2nd place-Kevin Odom and Blair Bockhaus 67, 64-131

3rd place-Cholla and Kendall Ardoin 72, 63-135

4th place-Johnny Craig and Joe Ellis Michael 70, 66-136

Presidential Flight

1st place-Mark Gibson and Brian Grubbs 70, 64-134

2nd place-Philip Jordan and George Tigner 71, 70-141

3rd place-Teddy Brown and Larry Willett 75, 66-141

4th place-Hays Brown and Jay Fussell 70, 71-141

First Flight

1st place-Randy and Kendra Linder 74, 67-141

2nd place-Tommy Sumner and Hubert Hippler 74, 69-143

3rd place-Mike Harper and Marvin Jones 77, 69-146

3rd place-Jason Woodard and Chris Floyd 76, 70-146

Second Flight

1st place-Tim Clemons and Allen Mosley 75, 69-144

2nd place-Buddy Ward and Kyle Ward 75, 73-148

3rd place-Mike Butler and Paul Horne 80, 70-150

4th place-Doug King and Tom Moore 78, 73-151

Third Flight

1st place-John and Jordan Cole 78, 68-146

1st place-Fred Cabaniss and John Gray Pou 76, 70-146

2nd place-Natheon Ervin and Barry Wood 76, 74-150

3rd place-Mark and Marshall Hebert 81, 70-151

Fourth Flight

1st place-Jessie Waller and Josh Hilton 77, 73-150

2nd place-Robert and Lance Carnahan 74, 77-151

3rd place-Johnny Allison and Butch peaker 75, 77-152

4th place-Jack Byrd and Bill Garrison 82, 76-158

Fifth Flight

1st place-Michael Ulich and Mike Sutter 79, 71-150

2nd place-Mason Woodard and John Mitchell 79, 72-151

3rd place-Kent Toney and Jimmy Durham 81, 77-158

4th place-Greg Jones and Joshua Malone 84, 76-160

Sixth Flight

1st place-Jared Mourad and John Major dePingre' 79, 79-158

2nd place-Paula McCann and Schuyler Marvin 83, 76-159

3rd place-Mark Stevenson and Rob Valentine 85, 78-162

4th place-Zach Goodman and Mark Dunn 85, 78-163






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