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Oct 01st

New identities on horizon


Among the many changes in Webster Parish schools next year will be those to school names and uniform policies.

After approving the naming of the Knights of North Webster High School with colors of purple black and silver, the Webster Parish School Board gave their okay to the naming of the junior high school, located in Sarepta.

"The same process to select the name, mascot and color scheme was used at the junior high level as was used at North Webster High," Secondary Supervisor Morris Busby said. "The kids wanted to keep a medieval theme and after several nominations 'Chargers' was voted as the new mascot."

The school will be named North Webster Junior High School with a color scheme of purple, black and silver. The color scheme will also be applied to the new elementary schools.

Elementary schools were named as North Webster Upper Elementary School, located in Cotton Valley, teaching grades 3-5, and North Webster Lower Elementary School, located in Shongaloo, teaching grades K- 2.

The principals and faculty of the elementary schools will determine the mascot.

"The principals and faculty of the schools are planning meet-and-greet type luncheons," Busby said. "This will allow the new faculty and administrators to get to know each other before they start working together.

"At that time, they may discuss mascot names," he continued. "Some suggestions have included the Dragons, Squires and Pages."

The Webster Parish School Board voted unanimously to allow Central Elementary School and North Webster Junior High to adopt a uniform policy.

Both schools conducted a survey, with the majority of both results in favor of a change to uniforms.

"Almost all the schools now have a uniform policy," Busby said. "The policies are varying in degrees."

Browning and Shongaloo are the only schools in Webster Parish that do not have a uniform policy. Both schools will teach grades K-2 this coming school year.

Lakeside Jr/Sr High, Minden High, and Springhill High all currently have policies where emblems are to be embroidered on polo style shirts.

Minden elementary school parents should note that all the elementary schools will be using the same uniform color scheme next year of navy and khaki pants with red, white and navy shirts.

Webster Jr. High separates 7th and 8th grades by having students wear shirts in colors that correspond to grades.

"This is great for the school because you can tell what grade a student is in by what shirt they are wearing," Busby said. "You can instantly tell if a student is not on a part of the campus where they should be."

Busby also said that he understands why it is inconvenient for parents.

"If I have a student in the 7th grade, who does not grow very much and can still wear the same uniforms, I still have to purchase uniforms in the 8th grade colors," he said.

Some schools have what Busby called "Uniform Pantries."

"Often, parents will donate uniforms to schools," he said. "Their children grow out of them, or can no longer use them, but they are still in good condition.

"The schools keep them and give them to students whose parents may have a hard time providing uniforms," Busby continued. "Uniforms can also be provided to students who have accidents at school."

Questions regarding uniform policies and donations should be directed to the child's school.






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