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Sep 30th

Harrington’s Minden Tiders close out with a win

The Minden Recreation Department's little league football program finished up their season with four games last week. Here's a look at those games.

Second to third grade division

Little Tiders 15, Haynie Ind. Hawks 12

Tristian Murry led the Little Tiders with 47 yards including a 16-yard touchdown. Shundell Gill added 42 yards, a touchdown and two extra points. Cartez Alexander added 52 yards, Keith Dickerson had 23 and Mon'Tavious Maddox added an extra point.

Kristopher Redden, Alexander and Gill all led the defense.

Jordan Young scored on a 69-yard touchdown and had 80 total yards to lead the Hawks. Justin Richardson added 72 yards and a touchdown and Markadius Holland (seven yards) and Collin Harris added yards.

Hy'Keem Lyons, Carson Ayres and Young all led the defense in tackles.

Cooper Tire Cobras 27, Minden Athletic 0

Kentravion Lister scored on runs of 89 and 67-yards and totaled 156 yards to lead the Cobras. Jordan Duty had a 54-yard touchdown and two extra points, and Fernundo Thornton added a 70-yard touchdown. Andrew Cooper scored an extra point.

Chance Hammons, Parker Hall, Jaylen Green and Skyler Butler all led the defense.

Carson Parker had 71 yards and Landen Hopkins had 56 to lead Minden Athletic. Jake Wilkins added 38 and Parker Cupples had one.

Jake Wilkins led the team in tackles.

Fifth & sixth-grade division

Patillo's Punishers 26, Cactus Wellhead Cardinals 14

Tyrese Myles scored on runs of 56, 46, 36 and 36-yards and totaled 217 yards to lead the Punishers. Kevin Ward added 34 yards, Aldravion Taylor had 12 and Jorden Preuette had seven. Ward and Myles also added extra points.

Matthew Moore and Preuette led the defense.

Thomas Ben (32 yards and a touchdown) and David Joseph (35 yards, a touchdown and two extra points) led the Cardinals. Davion Joseph added 31 yards.

Ben, Abram Anders and Shane Siah all led the defense.

Harrington's Minden Tiders 51, Dirty Birds 0

Nathaniel White ran for 176 and scored touchdowns of 42, 39, 36, 27 and 26 yards to lead the Minden Tiders. TyQuaun Edwards added 85 yards and Kentrevion Rogers added 66, including a 32-yard touchdown. De'Audrick Gill had a 13-yard touchdown and Max Edwards and Timothy Weatherton added extra points.

Alonzo Lister, Dorrce Eason and Hunter Womack (safety) all led the defense.

Joshua Sims Manning had 37 yards and Taylor Futch had seven to lead the Dirty Birds.

Sims Manning, Aaron Rhodes and Von Johnson II all led the defense.






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