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Oct 01st

Crimson Tide, Minden Tiders get wins

Here's a look at the Minden Recreation Department's little league football action from last week.

Second to 4th-graders

Cooper Tire Cobras 12, Minden Athletic Crimson Tide 0

Fernundo Thornton led the Cobras with 80 yards including a 72-yard touchdown. Skyler Butler added 19 yards and a nine-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Jordan Duty, Jaylen Green and Grady Brasher all led the defense.

Carson Parker led the Crimson Tide with 29 yards and Landen Hopkins added 22.

Kameron Sappington, Parker and Hopkins all the Tide defense.

Minden Athletic Crimson Tide 20, Haynie Ind. Hawks 6

Landen Hopkins led teh Crimson Tide with 94 yards and two touchdowns. Jake Wilkins added 17 yards and a touchdown and Carson Parker had 31 and an extra point. Parker Cupples also had an extra point.

Ethan Foster, Logan Rhoads and Price Miller all led the defense.

Markadius Holland led the Hawks with 74 yards, including a 70-yard touchdown.

Carson Ayres and Ja'Vonte Morris, Justin Richardson, Jordan Young and Hy'Keem Lyons all led the Hawks' defense.

Little Tiders 13, Gibsland Bank & Trust 6

Cartez Alexander led the Little Tiders with 130 yards and a 71-yard touchdown. Tristian Murry had a 72-yard score, and Sundell Gill added 21 yards.

Ty Green, Shundell Gill, Jaylenn Jackson and Kristopher Redden all led the defense.

Fifth and 6th-graders

Harrington's Minden Tiders 47, Dirty Birds 6

Nathaniel White (260 yards and two touchdowns) and Tyquan Edwards (139 yards and two touchdowns and a interception return for a touchdown) led the Tiders. Kentrevion Rogers added 17 yards and three extra points and De'Audrick Gill added a 17-yard touchdown. Camron Dollar and Je'Dyah Taylor each added extra points.

Dorrce Eason, Gill, Rogers and Alonzo Lister all led the defense.

Joshua Sims Manning had 60 yards and a touchdown to lead the Dirty Birds.

Manning, Shatardrick Batton, Taylor Futch and Morris each led the dfense with Morris adding an interception.

Harrington's Minden Tiders 47, Patillo Punishers 6

Kentrevion Rogers led the Minden Tiders with 120 yards and three touchdowns. He also added a 57-yard interception return for a touchdown. Nathaniel White (139 yards and two touchdowns) also had a big game. De'Audrick Gill added a 46-yard touchdown.

Dorrce Eason, Braxton Jackson and Alonzo Lister all led the defense.

Simuel Shaw led the Punishers with 27 yards. Chance Mitchell, Antonio Robinson, Kevin Ward and Tyrese Myles all led the defense.

Haynie Ind. Mohawks 33, Cactus Wellhead Cardinals 6

Lacarios Lofton led the Mohawks with 309 yards and five touchdowns, including an 80-yard interception return. Charles Oliver added three extra points and Tyrin Elkins had 12 yards.

Darron Harvey, Dustin Butler and Oliver all led the defense.

JC Brown led the Cardinals with 68 yards and a touchdown. Ken'Darrius Moore added 62 yards amd David Joseph had 22. Thomas Ben addgd 15 yards.

Ryan Seegars, Shane Siah and Abram Anders all led the defense.






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