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Oct 01st

Charge: Attempted Murder

NATHAN_EVANSA north Webster Parish man is being held on a $500,000 bond for allegedly trying to suffocate his nine-month-old child.

Nathan Glenn Evans, 25, of the 800 block of Coyle Street, Springhill, was arrested by Springhill Police on a warrant for attempted second degree murder.

According to Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd, Evans told officers he was trying to stop the child from crying.

"The baby was crying excessively – which nine-month-old babies do," Lynd said. "The mother walked out of the bedroom, looked into the living room and saw Evans sitting on the couch with the baby facing him. He had his thumb up under the baby's jaw with his hand around the back of the baby's neck."

Lynd said it appeared to the child's mother that Evans was forcing the baby's jaw closed with his hand over the baby's mouth and nose.

The charge of attempted second degree murder stems from Lynd's initial report, based on his first interview with the mother.

"When I reinterviewed the mother, she said he (Evans) had the baby's mouth pushed shut where he couldn't open it," Lynd said. "Of course, that's wrong and it's a serious crime, but he wasn't cutting the child's air off."

The child reportedly suffered no injuries.

Evans surrendered to officers at the Springhill Police Department.

Lynd said his investigation is continuing into the case. He is unsure at this time if Webster Parish District Attorney Schuyler Marvin will keep the charge at second degree murder or drop it to a lessor charge.






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