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Sep 30th

District Tournaments continue at the Rec

Action from the AAA and Dixie Youth fields

The AAA and Dixie Youth District IV Tournaments continued through the weekend at the Minden Recreation Complex.

Sunday's Games


Bossier Americans 17, Minden 7

Jamal Johnson and Trent Duckworth both had two hits to lead Bossier. Hugh Johnson tripled and Chris Lutterman and Trace Vorachek both doubled. Peyton Bass added a single.

Chase Holley tripled and J.C. Brown singled for Minden.

Bossier Nationals 17, Shreveport Americans 12

Xavier Murphy doubled and homered to lead Bossier. C.J. McMahon had four hits and Bomani Roberson had three. Collier Cloinger, Hunter Whiteside and Parker Stevens all had two hits. Connor Cloinger and Liam Rogers both singled.

Caleb Chance and Cole Collins each had two hits to lead Shreveport. Dylan Hagedorn and Jaden Procell both singled.

NOLA 5, Ruston Americans 3

Tyler Lee had three hits to lead NOLA, and Jarrius Jackson tripled.

Jacob Martin had three singles to lead Ruston. Jack Parks doubled.

Dixie Youth

Minden Nationals 10, NOLA 3

Nick Mourad struck out five batters and singled to lead the Nationals. Seth Tyler and Ty Harris both had three hits and Jalien Moore, Mason Hood and Jax Gaynor each had two. Parker Christy and Marcus Smith both added singles.

Sergio Hardwell doubled and Chancell Jenkins and Paul McGee both singled for NOLA.

Minden Continentals 9, NOLA Nationals 6

Connor Davis and Cameron Barnett both had two hits to lead the Continentals. Hunter Wilkes doubled and Greg Herman and Haynes Mandino both singled.

Jay Mills homered to lead NOLA. Jacob Poindexter added a double.

Friday's Games


Bossier Nationals 14, Minden 13

Parker Stephens tripled twice and Collier Closnger singled twice and doubled to lead Bossier. Brian Roberson tripled and Gratson Mims doubled. Hunter Whiteside and Josh Stoll both singled.

Tre' Abney and Chance Mitchell both had two hits to lead Minden. Jeffrey Wallace and J.C. Brown both doubled and Cade Clemons and Austin King both singled.

Shreveport Americans 18, Ruston Nationals 7

Caleb Chance, Logan Leone and Joseph Lattier all had two hits to lead Shreveport. Jaren Crager, Joel Grimble, Cole Collins and Dylan Hagedorn all added base hits.

Parker Madden singled twice to lead Ruston. Peyton Alexander doubled and Dalton Herbert and nathan McCarter both singled.

Ruston Americans 15, North Caddo 3

Jared Miller and John Moss combined to throw a no-hitter for Ruston. Miller homered twice and William Parks singled and homered and Gabriel Pyles doubled and homered. Moss had three hits and Ty Lolly and Dawson Willis both had two hits. Daniel Martin and Jack Whitaker both singled.

Bossier Americans 10, NOLA 0

Trent Duckworth and Jamal Johnson both had two hits to lead Bossier. Brodie Romero, Jackson Kennedy, Gabriel Larry, Parker Hearne and Chris Lutterman all added base hits.

Jayshun Miller, Bomani Robertson, Daegan Covington, Eric Alford and Jarrius Jackson all had base hits for NOLA.

Dixie Youth

NOLA Nationals 12, Minden Nationals 11

Tanner Mills struck out seven batters and singled and doubled to lead NOLA. Jacob Poindexter singled and homered and Shane Hutchinson, Jay Mills, Jarrod Williamson and Reese Pitson all had two hits.

Jax Gaynor, Nick Mourad and Mason Hood all had two hits to lead Minden. Jalien Moore added a single and a double.

NOLA Americans 17, Union Parish 6

John Buggs and Terry Walker both had two hits to lead NOLA. Brock Moss, Hagen Hollenshead and Will Foster added base hits.

Zack Tynes had three hits and Clint Johnson had two to lead Union Parish.

Saturday's Games


Minden Continentals 11, North Caddo 0

J.C. Brown struck out four batters and doubled to lead Minden. Tre Abney had two hits and Chase Holley doubled. Cade Clemons added a single.

Cole Copeland and Ethan Conner both singled for North Caddo.

Shreveport Americans 11, Bossier Americans 10

Dylan Hagedorn and Caleb Chance both had three hits to lead Shreveport. Rhett Woodle and Jaren Crager both had two. Cole Collins doubled and Logan Leone, Austin Jones and Joseph lattierz all singled.

Chris Lutterman had two singles and two doubles and Jackson Kennedy struck out seven batters and singled to lead Bossier. Parker Hearne had two hits and Hugh Johnson and Trace Vorachek both doubled. Brodie Romero, Peyton bass, Treat Duckworth and Jamal Johnson all singled.

NOLA 11, Ruston Nationals 4

Bomani Roberson and Ardarius James both had three hits to lead NOLA. Tyler Lee and Jarrius Jackson both had two hits, and Eric Alford and Lamarcione Montgomery all singled.

Blaine Rollins tripled and Eric Outley singled twice to lead Ruston. Luke Black, Cole Mayzel, Parker Madden and Fabian Kirkendoff all added base hits.

Bossier Nationals 11, Ruston Americans 7

C.J. McMahan, Parker Stevens and Josh Stoll all had base hits for Bossier.

Jared Miller, Gabe Pyles, Ty Lolley, Jack Parks and Tommy Hardel all had base hits for Ruston.

Dixie Youth

Minden Nationals 11, Union Parish 1

Ty Harris and Nick Mourad each had two hits to lead Minden. Parker Christy and Jalien Moore added base hits.

Dylan Fine, Clint Johnson, Zach Tynes and Hayden Smith all singled for Union Parish.

Minden Continentals 10, NOLA Americans 3

Greg Herman struck out four batters and tripled and Cameron Barnett struck out four batters and singled to lead Minden. Dalton Crumpler singled and doubled and Connor Davis, Hunter Wilkes, Hayden Humphrey, Haynes Mandino, Hayden Holley and Johnny Law Flournoy all added singles.

John Buggs homered and Sergio Hardwell struck out five batters to lead NOLA. Hagen Hollenshead had two hits and Will Foster, Chauncell Jenkins, Michael Turner and Jayden Wallace all singled.






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