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Oct 02nd

Shooter claims need for attention

jeremy_smithCalling it a "need for attention," a Minden man, who was arrested on second degree battery charges earlier in September, is back in jail after he fired a .357 revolver near his wife's work place.

Jeremy Colt Smith, 28, of the 1600 block of Old Arcadia Road, was arrested September 15 for illegal use of a weapon in the Minden city limits, home invasion, aggravated assault and on a warrant for distribution of CDS Sch. I (Marijuana).

Minden Police detective Sgt. Heath Balkom said around 10:30 p.m. on September 14, witnesses reported shots fired at the corner of U.S. Hwy. 80 and La. Hwy. 531, near a convenience store where Smith's wife is employed.

"A witness stated she was out in the parking lot when Smith's vehicle passed by two separate times," Balkom said. "The second time, he spun tires, and the witness who was outside when she heard multiple gunshots, dove to the ground."

The witness reportedly looked up and saw Smith driving east on Hwy. 80.

Balkom said he pulled video from the store's parking lot but couldn't see the intersection nor could he find bullet holes or shell casings at the scene.

When officers took the witness and Smith's wife to the police station for interviews, detectives learned the wife was receiving threatening text messages from Smith.

After the shooting, Smith reportedly sent text messages saying he wasn't aiming at her but wanted to let her know he "had her."

A series of calls to the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office from witnesses and Doyline police, showed that after Smith left the scene, he drove to Sibley and Doyline, on his way to Bossier City, allegedly firing the gun along the way.

"Then, his wife's sister called her, saying he had broken into her house on Barksdale Boulevard, waving a gun," Balkom said. "I contacted the Bossier City Police Department and after they interviewed the sister, they faxed warrants over for home invasion and aggravated assault."

At the same time, Balkom learned the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office (WPSO) had a warrant for Smith's arrest on the distribution of Marijuana charge.

Around 4 p.m. the following day, Minden Police, WPSO and U.S. Marshals took Smith into custody at a truck stop on Hwy. 531 near Interstate 20.

"He didn't have the gun on him, and he didn't resist," Balkom said. "He admitted to shooting one time out the window of his vehicle by the convenience store, but he said he wasn't aiming at anybody. He said he was doing it for attention."

Balkom said he asked Smith about the other reports of shots fired.

"He denied everything about shooting his gun in Doyline," Balkom said. "He denied everything about Bossier, and he denied the warrant for distribution through the sheriff's office."

Balkom said the only things Smith admitted were drinking and shooting once within the city limits.

Earlier in September, Smith was arrested when his wife filed charges against him, according to Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper.

"Ofc. Chris McClaran was contacted by (Smith's wife) after she and her husband got into an argument," Cropper said. "When the officer went to her place of business, he saw she had two black eyes, a busted lip, bruises on her arm and a swollen jaw."

Cropper said the wife told McClaran the couple had been arguing in a vehicle while traveling on Pennsylvania Avenue.

"When the car stopped, she got away from him," Cropper said. "He chased her to the front porch of a residence where she was trying to get help, but nobody was answering the door."

After the wife reportedly filed charges, Cropper said McClaran contacted Balkom.

"They worked up a warrant for Smith, who got wind they were looking for him and called the police station," said the chief. "Det. Balkom told Smith he needed to turn himself in and, a day or so later, he did so."

This time, Smith is being held on more than $630,000 in bonds.






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