Minden Press-Herald

Sep 17th

Tidbits of Minden

This week’s Echo will be a collection of some stories connected with Minden that I came across while doing research. The first is an obituary found on the Internet that demonstrates a combination of the national confusion about lifestyles in Northwest Louisiana and a little bit of “tall tales” told by a musician. The last three came from the pages of significant national newspapers describing events that happened locally.

On August 5, 2004, R & B musician Willie Egan died at his home in Los Angeles. Egan was born in this area, and I found the following paragraph from his obituary very interesting. It read:  “He was born Willie Lee Egan in 1933 in poverty, in the bayou country around Minden, Louisiana. The community was so isolated that they had to forge a path through the undergrowth and the swamps to the main road every year. Alligators were a daily hazard and although Egan survived with all parts intact, his father lost a hand and his brother a foot.”

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