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Oct 02nd

Voters recall Heflin mayor

TillmanHeflin Mayor Judy Tillman will have to put the word "former" before her title if Saturday's election results are upheld.

An effort to recall Tillman proved successful by a vote of 50 to 30, with more than 62 percent of those voting backing the recall.

"This is the result of a second recall petition," Webster Parish Clerk of Court Holli Vining said. "The first petition was struck down in court."

The most recent recall petition had 78 signatures and only 62 are required, according to the proclamation.

Tillman and some of the residents, including one alderwoman, have been at odds over a contract for yardwork on town property and the closing of the ball park due to safety issues.

Tillman said she feels she has been a good mayor and has made self-funded trips to Baton Rouge to talk with legislators about remodeling an old gymnasium on village property to make an activities center.

"I would like to have a farmer's market there," she said last week. "A place for the elderly – or anyone – to walk or play ball or whatever the aldermen wish to use it for."

Population of the Village of Heflin is around 180, Tillman said. Her position as mayor was unpaid, and she said she puts in around 15 hours per week.

In a Minden Press-Herald letter to the editor, Alderwoman Catherine Lee wrote, "I have been an Alderman for 27 years. I represent the people inside the village. Over 50 percent of the people signed the recall petition that they were not happy with her performance and the Governor ordered the recall election."

Vining said election results are not official until the voting machines are opened Tuesday.

Alcohol Sales

At the opposite end of the parish, the Town of Sarepta soundly defeated any sale of alcohol by more than 80 percent of the vote for each of the five propositions.

Town of Sarepta Prop. #1 ­ Wet/Dry – 6 percent PkgAlcohol – Mayor/ Board of Aldermen
Yes: 18.18 percent (26)
No: 81.82 percent (117)

Town of Sarepta Prop. #2 – Wet/Dry-6 percent ConAlcohol – Mayor/ Board of Aldermen
Yes: 14.39 percent (20)
No: 85.61 percent (119)

Town of Sarepta Prop. #3 – Wet/Dry – 1/2 percent ConAlcohol – Mayor/ Board of Aldermen
Yes: 11.81 percent (17)
No: 88.19 percent (127)

Town of Sarepta Prop. #4 – Wet/Dry-1/2 percent PkgAlcohol – Mayor/ Board of Aldermen
Yes: 14.89 percent (21)
No: 85.11 percent (120)

Town of Sarepta Prop. #5 – Wet/Dry – Restaurant – Mayor/Board of Aldermen
Yes: 13.19 percent (19)
No: 86.81 percent (125).






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