Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Police arrest steel stealers

Austin_Stiles Kelvin_Parker

Returning to the scene of the crime proved to be a wrong move for a pair of steel stealers.

Austin Stiles, 17, of the 100 block of Kirby Place and Kelvin Parker, 18, of the 100 block of Spigner Road, Homer were arrested by Minden Police and charged with felony theft.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said his office received a call from the property owner of scrap yard on Shreveport Road when he realized he was missing several thousand dollars worth of steel.

"We sent an officer out and he took a report," Cropper said. "The owner said he was missing between $10,000 and $15,000 worth of railroad steel."

Cropper said detectives Heath Balkom and Chris Cheatham contacted a scrap yard in Homer and were able to locate some of the items.

"We got a description of a vehicle that brought the steel to sell, but we didn't have any names," Cropper said.

That same night, Cropper had Off. Shawn Henderson set up surveillance in the woods behind the Shreveport Road scrap yard.

"Some equipment had been piled up in the back of the property as if they were coming back to get it," Cropper said. "The same type vehicle that took the steel to the Homer yard came back in the woods that same night. The officer on surveillance contacted the PD and we sent officers out there and arrested two subjects.

"Our officers took them into custody and charged them with trespassing, prior to them actually stealing anything else," he continued. "Once we questioned them about the prior theft, they admitted they were the ones that had taken the railroad steel."






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