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Oct 02nd

Drive-By Shooting


Woman arrested avenging brother’s beating

Trying to avenge a man's beating has landed his sister in jail on charges linked to a drive-by shooting.

Sharuanta Dixon, 25, of the 100 block of Anderson Street, was arrested by Minden Police on charges of assault by drive-by shooting and two counts of aggravated criminal damage to property.

She is being held on a bond of $150,000.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said the incident began Monday around 8 p.m. when three unidentified subjects beat Dixon's brother at a grocery store located on West Street.

"Sgt. Keith King and Off. Kenneth James were dispatched to this grocery store in reference to a disturbance and fight," Cropper said. "When the officers got there, there was no victim and no suspects, but when they entered the store, they found a lot of blood on the floor."

The chief said fortunately, the store had good video surveillance giving the officers the opportunity to watch the fight as it took place.

"Three men came in the store behind the victim," Cropper said. "One of the guys had some kind of tool in his hand and hit the victim in the back of the head twice. A second suspect pushed the victim, and the third suspect tried to grab the other two to get them out of the store."

Reportedly, once the victim was struck, he ran out of the store, across the street and into a wooded area.

Cropper said a store employee told officers King and James that she knew the victim's identity.

"Those officers contacted officers Ryan Barnette and Chris Hammontree and gave them the victim's name," Cropper said.

"Officers Barnette and Hammontree procured an address for the victim on Anderson Street and went to that address."

The chief said when the officers arrived at the victim's address, there were people "milling around."

"The victim's sister was ranting and raving about how she was going to take care of the problem," Cropper said. "She called out the names of the three men who allegedly jumped on her brother, saying the police better do something quick because she was going to take care of it personally."

All the while, Cropper said, they were loading the victim into his sister's vehicle to take him to the hospital.

"They told the officers they were on their way to the hospital, so the officers left the scene and went to meet them at the emergency room," said the chief.

According to reports, when the officers arrived at the hospital, the victim was not there.

Around 9 p.m., Minden Police reportedly received a call saying shots had been fired from a vehicle on Roosevelt Street. Sgt. King, Off. Kenneth James, Lt. Richard Cooper and Off. Ben Allen reportedly answered the call.

"When officers arrived on the scene, they made contact with a female who gave a description of the vehicle from which several shots were fired, some of them striking her house," Cropper said. "The son of the woman who lived there was one of the ones identified as jumping on the victim."

In the street, officers located two spent shell casings from a 380 calibur weapon.

"There were holes in the wall of the residence where bullets entered the house and went into a picture frame and lodged in a wall," Cropper said.

Witnesses gave officers a descripton of the vehicle and officers said it matched the vehicle that was allegedly transporting the victim to the hospital.

"So, they (officers) started looking for Miss Dixon, and while they were looking for her, Miss Dixon called the police station," Cropper said. "She had heard that her name was being discussed on the police scanner and wanted to know if officers were looking for her."

When Dixon agreed to meet officers at the police station, the chief said Det. Heath Balkom was called to interview her.

"The detective advised her of her rights and began to interview her," Cropper said. "She denied having any involvement and claimed she didn't know where her brother was."

Cropper said that while Balkom was interviewing Dixon, Off. Hammontree, who was in the police station parking lot, walked past Dixon's vehicle and noticed a spent cartridge on the driver's side seat.

"Det. Balkom asked Dixon for permission to search her vehicle," Cropper said. "She agreed and signed a waiver allowing them to look. They took her outside, and when they opened the car door and pointed out the spent casing, she admitted she was the one who did the drive-by shooting, trying to avenge her brother."

Dixon reportedly told police she had thrown the gun out of her vehicle, but officers were unable to recover it.

Cropper said they continued to search for the victim but were unable to locate him. No charges have been filed against the three men who assaulted him.






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