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Sep 30th

Bossier Americans take tournament title

Minden Nationals among five teams that advance to State playoffs

The District IV AA All-Star Tournament ended at the Minden Recreation Complex Sunday with an all-Bossier match-up in the Championship Game.

The Bossier Americans beat the Bossier Nationals, 5-4 for the title. The two Bossier teams will be joined by the Minden Nationals, Haughton and the Shreveport Americans in the State playoffs that begin next week in Natchitoches.

Friday's games

Minden Nationals 11, Minden Continentals 8

Jeffery Wallace had three singles to lead the Nationals. Jedyah Taylor had two hits and Matthew Seales, Brian Foster, Corbin Kendrick, Trent Walraven, Thomas Rhame and Chase Holley had base hits.

Maddox Mandino had three singles to lead the Continentals. Keegan Frizzell and Carson Parker each had two hits and Dylan Miller added a double. Jacob Walker, Roman Tolbert, Andrew Fegley, Xander Turner and Jonathan Parkerson all added base hits.

Minden Continentals 15, NOLA 7

Maddox Mandino and Keegan Frizzell each had a triple and two singles to lead Minden. Xander Turner had three hits and Roman Tolbert singled and tripled. Andrew Fegley had two singles and a double and Carson Parker and Peyton Wells both had two hits. Jaylon Jenkins, Dylan Miller, Jacob Walker and Jonathan Parkerson all added singles.

Lake Grant and Miguel Turner both had two hits for NOLA, and Kip Reeder added a double.

Haughton 21, Springhill 6

Jack Edwards, Brodie Shankle and Peyton Stovall all had three hits to lead Haughton. Matthew Whitten, Jackson harlan and Cole Golden added two hits each.

Other Friday scores: Bossier Nats 7, Bossier Am. 6; Bossier Am. 17, Vivian 5; Ruston Am. 10, Shreve Nats 6; Haughton 26, Ruston Nats 6; Bossier nats 12, Shreve Am. 6; Ruston Am. 14, Union Parish 2 and Shreve Am. 21, Union Parish 5.

Saturday's Games

Minden Nationals 13, Haughton 12

Corbin Kendrick had three hits to lead Minden. Jedyah Taylor and Hayden Brown both had two hits and Matthew Seales, Chase Holley and Trenton McLaughlin all added base hits.

Matthew Whitten and Jackson Harlan both had two hits to lead Haughton. Jack Edwards and Cole Golden both doubled.

Minden Continentals 15, Springhill 14

Maddox Mandino and Jonathan Parkerson both had two doubles and a single to lead Minden. Roman Tolbert singled and tripled and Conner Humphries, Jakob Walker and Andrew Fegley all had two singles. Dylan Miller doubled and Peyton Wells, Keegan Frizzell and Carson Parker all singled.

Rock Hawthorn had three hits to lead Springhill. Avion Bonton and Keyon Neal both had two hits, and Peyton Haehn, Kaleb Bethany and Hunter Price all singled.

Ruston Nationals 7, Minden Nationals 3

Guage Parette, Jack Parks, Blaine Rollins, Alex Easterling and Gabe Graham all singled for Ruston.

Hayden Brown tripled to lead Minden. Trent Walraven doubled and Jedyah Taylor, Jeffery Wallace, Thomas Rhame, Brian Foster, Caid Thomas and Trenton McLaughlin all singled.

Haughton 17, Minden Continentals 6

Matthew Whitten had two singles and a triple to lead Ruston. Dylan Turner doubled and tripled and Peyton Stovall, Cole Golden and Brodie Schankle all had two hits.

Peyton Wells singled and tripled to lead the Continentals. Maddox Mandino, Carson Parker, Roman Tolbert and Andrew Fegley all added singles.

Minden Nationals 15, Shreveport Americans 11

Trent Walraven singled twice and doubled to lead Minden. Matthew Seales doubled and Jeffery Wallace had two singles. Jedyah Taylor, Walker Wise, Brian Foster, Thomas Rhame, Hayden Brown, Caid Thomas and Trenton McLaughlin all added base hits.

Reed Lindsay had three hits to lead Shreveport. Caden Dean, Cole Joyner, Andrew Lattier, Jagger Heberson, Fisher Nance and Braydon Cook all had two hits.

Bossier Americans 16, Minden Continentals 0

Owen Wainscott, Brock van Hoy and Cameron Ross all had two hits to lead Bossier. Grayson Hall added a triple.

Maddox Mandino tripled to lead Minden. Roman Tolbert and Jakob Walker both added singles.

NOLA 17, Springhill 9

Nate Williams had three hits to lead NOLA. Hunter Moss, Evan Weaver, Kip Reeder and Lane Grant all had two hits.

Rock Hawthorne tripled to lead Springhill. Peyton Haehn doubled and Keyon Neal singled and doubled. Hunter Price and Cade McClain both singled.

Other scores from Saturday:

Haughton 7, Ruston Americans 6; Bossier Nats. 19, Ruston Nats. 4; Shreve Nats 19, Vivian 1; Shreve Am. 7, Ruston Am. 7; Ruston Nats. 18, NOLA 16; Union Parish 17, Vivian 11; Bossier Am. 6, Ruston Am. 2; Shreve Am. 19, Shreve Nats. 9; Bossier Nats 25, Union Parish 3; Ruston Am. 19, Vivian 3; Bossier Nats 15, Shreve Nats 0 and Bossier Am. 17, Union Parish 2.

Sunday's Games

Championship Game Bossier Americans 5, Bossier Nationals 4

Gavin Morales and Brock Van Hoy both had two hits to lead the Americans. Owen Wainscott and Cade Scott both doubled.

John Guyton, Trenton Defatta and Hayden Knotts all had two hits for the Nationals.

Minden Nationals 19, Ruston Americans 8

Caid Thomas had three hits to lead Minden. Jedyah Taylor doubled, and Matthew Seales, Jeffery Wallace, Walker Wise, Thomas Rhame and Trent McLaughlin all singled.

Corben Johnson had two hits to lead Ruston. Braden Jones doubled and Jeremiah Brown, dawson Willis and Jack Whitaker all singled.

Shreveport Americans 8, Minden Continentals 5

Andrew Lattier, Jagger Heberson and Michale Ramblin all singled for Shreveport.

Maddox Mandino and Andrew Fegley both had two hits to lead Minden. Roman Tolbert, Jacob Walker and Peyton Wells all added singles.

Bossier Americans 12, Minden Nationals 4

Brock Van Hoy tripled and Cade Scott, Brodie Romero, Cade Waites, Grayson Hull and Jack Walters all had two hits for Bossier.

Jeffery Wallace tripled to lead Minden. Corbin Kendrick had two hits and Trent Walraven doubled. Hayden Brown and Walker Wise both singled.

Bossier Americans 19, Minden Nationals 5

Brodie Romero, Cade Scott, Brock Van Hoy, Grayson Hull and Owen Wainscott all had two hits to lead Bossier.

Jeffery Wallace had two hits to lead Minden. Corbin Kendrick, Chase Holley, Trenton McLaughlin and Jedyah Taylor all singled.

Other scores from Sunday: Haughton 5, Ruston Am. 3; Bossier Nats 6, Shreve Am. 5; Bossier Nats 9, Haughton 8; Ruston Am. 14, Ruston Nats 8; Bossier Am. 5, Bossier Nats 4 and Shreve Am. 16, Haughton 12.






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