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Oct 02nd

Robber shot amid evacuation

An elderly couple in south Webster Parish proved they will not be taken advantage of after their home was broken into Sunday at 1:30 a.m.

The couple's Shiloh Road residence outside of Doyline town is under a non-mandatory evacuation since while six million pounds of explosives is repackaged and stored at Camp Minden.

"It was real close to the area that has been secured," said Sheriff Gary Sexton. "This break-in is an indicator of the mentality of the people we are dealing with – when you increase your police protection by 1,000 percent, and they decide to do a home invasion."

Sexton said this was a singular incident and no other burglaries were reported this weekend near the Doyline area.

"It's unfortunate that individuals would try to take advantage of the evacuation process in Doyline," he said. "The suspects reportedly went to the residence and rang the door bell.

Sexton said the elderly couple didn't answer the door, but went to the rear of the home to see if they could find out who was there.

"In the process, the individuals thought no one was in the residence likely thinking these people were not home due to the situation at Samp Minden," Sexton said. "They broke into their house."

The woman, who is reportedly 78-years-old, fired two shots with a .44 magnum handgun, striking one of the suspects in the neck.

"He fell to the ground and the accomplice ran off and left in the vehicle," said Sexton. "The individual was able to get up, despite his injury and go to the vehicle. His accomplice transported him to Willis Knighton Hospital in Bossier City.

"When we got the information, we asked area hospitals to be looking for a gun shot wound," he continued. "It was a matter of 25 minutes before it was reported the individual had been admitted at Willis Knighton in Bossier."

Bossier authorities responded on behalf of the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office and transported the suspect to LSUHSC, where he is in critical condition. His accomplice is in custody and one more arrest may follow.

"One of the suspects is from the Doyline area while the other is from Bossier," Sexton said. "At this time, we have no proof the suspects were armed, but the good thing is she was."

Webster Chief Deputy Bobby Igo agrees with Sexton, believing the shots fired were warranted.

"She protected herself and her husband, who I believe is legally blind," Igo said. "She did the right thing and protected herself and now she and her husband are safe to live another day."






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