Minden Press-Herald

Sep 21st

Police train at Minden High School


A recent seminar concerning active shooters in schools has prompted Minden Police officers to dig a little deeper into what could be a dangerous situation.

Chief Steve Cropper said he conducted a "walk-through" of Minden High School in order to better learn the surroundings.

"We got with Robin Tucker (MHS principal) to get permission and then we did the walk-through and realized that if they ever had an active shooter at Minden High School, how many nooks and crannies the shooter could hide in," Cropper said. "We took it upon ourselves to try and do a little in-house training.

Cropper said he contacted Steve Dozier, superintendent of Webster Parish Schools.

"He (Dozier) was in agreement with it, and we had total access to the high school over a weekend for an active shooter training with six officers," Cropper said. "We were over there for about four hours."

Afterward, Cropper said he contacted Dozier again, making some recommendations, which include ensuring all exit doors are secure and adding more security cameras.

"I understand that's a budget issue," Cropper said of the security cameras.

The chief said MHS is the type of building that requires knowledge of layout in order to secure it under a stressful situation.

"There are rooms in that school I didn't even know existed," he said. "We are going to try and get an accurate floor plan, and I want to get my guys (officers) familiar with it.

A Student Resource Officer, Sgt. Tokia Whiting, spends about 95 percent of her time at MHS, Cropper said.

"We are going to try and schedule training with some of the students there," said the chief. "That will let us all train at the same time."

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