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Oct 01st

Get Excited About an Encounter

I am reading the book Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado. It is very thought provoking. There was one story that stood out. It was about a little boy flying on an airplane. Little children are easily excited. He wanted to meet the pilot, the man in charge, the one in control. He wanted to see the one guiding the plane. He wanted an encounter with the pilot. He got his encounter since it was his priority. He was excited and you could see it on his face. However, a few around him got excited, but most just were focused on themselves and the things they wanted. Some were scowling. They brought their mental baggage onto the flight and could not enjoy the ride. They were not focused on the flight.

Jesus is the one in charge and the pilot of our lives. A few go to church wanting to meet him. Some go focused on other things. Some go angry. Some go just because they have to. However, some are excited about church. I know I get excited about church. Few are saying things like"I am so ready for how the Holy Ghost is going to move. I am ready for prayer. I am ready to have a touch of the Holy Ghost." Instead, we are focused on other things. Non-Christians see this. Why would they want to go see Jesus if it causes people to be bored or angry? Why would God want to do anything for us, also, if we are not focused on Him?

We must prepare to worship Him by praying, reading the Bible, and mentally focusing on Jesus and closing off other things. We must be excited most about seeing Jesus, our pilot. We must have faith, childlike faith. Matthew 18:3 tells us we must become like little children in order to enter the kingdom of God. Have faith and excitement. Believe an encounter will happen and it will. Get excited and praise God for it.

Jason Oller is a member of the Apostolic Lighthouse in Minden.






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