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Oct 01st

Explaining the LHSAA Executive Committee

I’ve written on several occasions describing the various representative bodies that comprise the LHSAA and allow all of our member schools, coaches, officials and affiliated groups to participate in the inner-workings of the Association. These groups and all the major and minor decisions they make are overseen by the LHSAA Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee handles most of the Association’s administrative, financial and judicial processes and acts on behalf of the LHSAA on all matters outside the annual business meeting. The committee regulates all financial expenditures, has a voice in reclassification, considers championship event bids and is authorized to make special rules to manifest the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship. The committee was also granted the authority to add or remove sports at our Annual Convention in January.

The committee also exists to provide recourse for those seeking to file complaints, appeal decisions by the Executive Director and interpret the LHSAA Constitution and its bylaws. The committee also hears appeals on rules violations and the naming of district representatives, rules on problems affecting a specific school classification and considers written charges against a member school. All decisions made by the Executive Committee are final, with the exception of hardship cases (determined by the Hardship Committee).

Membership on the committee includes 14 member principals (two per classification), three at-large principals from any classification, two representatives from the Louisiana High School Coaches Association, one Louisiana High School Athletic Directors Association representative, one non-public school representative from any classification and the Past President of the LHSAA. The Louisiana Senate, House of Representatives, Department of Education, School Boards Association and Superintendents Association are also granted one representative each.

There are checks and balances placed on the committee to ensure fairness and prevent conflicts of interest and stagnation. For one, no member of the Executive Committee may participate in decisions if a case involves his or her school or parish.

Members are also subject to term limits and restrictions, and any rules or changes in the Constitution or bylaws made by the Executive Committee after the January annual meeting must be ratified by membership at the next annual meeting. 

These restrictions are listed in Article 4 of our Constitution, which can be viewed on our website.

In addition to its listed charges, the Executive Committee takes every opportunity to go Beyond the Game. In the past, the committee formed the School Relations Committee to foster better member relations.

This year, the Executive Committee played a pivotal role in mediating a conflict between LHSAA member schools and the Louisiana High School Officials Association. It also spearheaded the LHSAA’s involvement in the National Federation of High School Associations’ Licensing Program to provide additional revenue to schools.

Kenny Henderson is the Executive Director of the LHSAA.






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