Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Regarding the Heflin Mayoral Recall

Dear Editor,

In response to the article on the recall petition of the Heflin Mayor, Ms. Judy Tillman, I would like to voice my opinion.

The Heflin Ball Park was used for over 35 years without incident. The coach had the materials purchased to fix the hand rail issue before the first game. During a practice session, Mayor Tillman had the Heflin Chief of Police escort the ball coach off the field to ask on whose authority he was using the ball field.

He had been using the ball field for about 2 years at this time. The gates were locked. This caused a hardship on the citizens of Heflin whose children wanted to play ball.

They were forced to travel to Minden to play. Those children without transportation were left out. This prompted the first recall petition which was chaired by Jamie Guice and Barbara Hutchins.

Before the petition was completed, the Mayor deemed that Mr. Guice did not live in the city limits even though he and neighbors past him had voted in the inside precinct as long as they had lived there. The city limits were established when the village was incorporated in 1956 and the Mayor at that time had the signs placed.

The decision to question the city limits was not discussed or approved by the city council. Steve Ramsey is my nephew by marriage. When Ms. Tillman brought up the issue of Mr. Ramsey mowing for the village, being related to me and a member of the Webster Parish Police Jury, I, as a Council member, sent a letter to the Ethics

Board requesting an Attorney General's opinion. They issued an opinion that there was nothing that prohibited Mr. Ramsey from working for the village as the Webster Parish Police Jury and the Village of Heflin were separate entities and that his being my nephew was not an issue.

I was told that the second petition arose from the Mayor getting the town council to agree to pay her attorney's fees from the first petition and the fact that she exaggerated the costs of a special election should she be recalled. I have been an Alderman for 27 years. I represent the people inside the village. Over 50 percent of the people signed the recall petition that they were not happy with her performance and the Governor ordered the recall election.

Cathy Lee
Heflin Town Council member






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