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Sep 16th

Death Became Silent

Since Abel was killed by Cain (Gen 4), death has been feared by all. An inevitable fate! With the entrance of sin (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden- Gen 3), death became the penalty of disobedience to God. Throughout the Old Testament, nothing could erase this penalty. Man's sin was smeared over every generation. Only the annual Passover sacrifice could provide forgiveness of sin and redemption before the Lord. This came with a blood sacrifice (unblemished lamb or goat) at the hands of the High Priest and the Levites.

Death was a dread, an enemy that was always lurking in the shadows wherever man was found. The deceiver, the serpent, the supreme rival of God, Satan himself, was outsmarting men and women 'right and left'. The Spirit may have been willing, but the flesh was weak. Temptation (Satan's great weapon) was strong.

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