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Oct 01st

The Week After Easter

The week before Easter, in the Christian calendar of events, marks the most somber time in Christendom. After Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the momentum mounted.

Soon, all the teachings of Jesus about his forthcoming death and resurrection began to layer for his disciples to see the reality of his purpose.

The Messiah was not the king they had expected. His methods confused them.

His teachings were too radical. He was not political as they had expected. Not physically involved in revolutionary measures. Something was not right!

But Jesus' mission had not changed. Even as He prayed in the Garden, His submission to the Will of God and the prophetic Scripture was being fulfilled. It was hidden perhaps from the disciples - or else they would not have been sleeping through His agonizing experiences. 
Then as the noise floated through the night air, the soldiers and Judas arrived, the action hastened around them.

The trial, the mockery and taunting, the ridicule among the Pharisees and Roman officials - it was really "as planned". 

Even the crucifixion and burial! These details had been outlined in Holy Writ. But then Sunday came!

 And the world has never been the same. After the initial shock of the reality of His resurrection, the disciples sensed a New Day, a New Power, and a New Direction. "Jesus is Alive" became the battle cry.

And through centuries now, this simple statement has brought hope, salvation and peace to believers across the world.
Today that Power is still available, is at work, and is still changing lives.

So we have celebrated this glorious event again, made re-commitments, and already meeting the demands of the "week after".

Where do we go from here?

We come down from the mountains, we rise up from our comfortable positions of ease, we open our eyes to the multitudes around us, and we focus through the eyes of Jesus, ready to move forward.

It's time to activate the Power of the Holy Spirit - made available through the Resurrection.

It is the week after Easter and we must seize the day, the opportunities, and be "much about our Father's business" as Jesus taught! Carpe Diem!






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