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Oct 02nd

Proverbs for Life

We all have found those special "nuggets" scattered through the Book of Solomon's Proverbs. They address about every issue that arises.

And thousands of years ago, Solomon was dispensing this wisdom to all who would seek it. O that we would hark unto the simple 'common sense' found within the covers of that one book!  

The stated purpose of writing these proverbs is "to teach his people how to live, how to act in every circumstance, for he want them to be understanding, just and fair in everything they did."  (Prov. 1: 2-3)

V 7 He poses the question, "How does a man become wise?" And then, from there, comes all the wonderful teachings that can be applied to life's issues.

Chapters 1-9 should be read by all parents with young children or teenagers. And they should read them with their teens, discussing the applications.

Pointing them toward wisdom is a challenge. Youth do not always want wisdom, but "feel good" solutions. Listen to wisdom speaking (9:11): I, Wisdom, will make the hours of your day more profitable and fruitful"

Wisdom is its own reward, and if you scorn her, you hurt only yourself. (9:12).

Proverbs are like good medicine, the old "grandmas" would say. I have heard it said that we should 'read one a day each month (there are 31 chapters), and then start over the next month.

Cheap medicine, though painful at times! Where it really begins to cost is when we read them and understand them but refuse to put the proverbs into practice.
It costs more and more each time we choose not to abide by the truths. 

One of my favorite proverbs is 3:5-6.  Most of us know it by heart or portions of it. A challenge would be for each adult to memorize it, make a copy and pass on to children and grandchildren. What a watch-word for life!






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