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Sep 30th

Parish Civil Suits

The following civil suites were filed in the office of the Webster Parish Clerk of Court during the month of February.

Christopher Lloyd vs. Nicolette Cloud Riffle, Divorce

Allysa Rolen vs. Colton Jones, Protective Order

Carol Hooter vs. Ollie F. Hooter, Protective Order

Republic Finance LLC vs. Bruce Jackson, Promissory Note

James Merrit James vs. Peggy Emerson, Protective Order

Ivan Smith Furniture Co. Inc. vs. Yolanda G. Norton, Jessie D. Norton AKA Jessie D. Norton Jr., Monies Due

Marcus Pryor Gibson vs. Brittany Elizabeth Keeton Gibson, Divorce

Republic Finance LLC vs. Jalandria Garner, Promissory Note

Cynthia Reno McCormick vs. Jeffrey Alan McCormick, Divorce

James Randall Cottrell Jr. vs. April Herrington Cottrell, Divorce

Judith Clark vs. John Clark, Divorce

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. Alicia Shun Emerson, Executory Process

Tikandis Edwards vs. Marquez Green, Protective Order

Cynthia Smith Pearson vs. Tracy Scott Pearson, Divorce

Vicki Butler vs. Robert Butler, Protective Order

T.L. Loggins, Tommy Lee Evans vs. Lisa Matthews, Michael Matthews, Breach of Contract

Kandis Galvez vs. Jose Sanchez, Protective Order

Sarah Butts vs. Suzanne Bailey, USAA Casualty Insurance Company, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Alfa Vision Insurance Company,m 


Tina Marie Jackson vs. Douglas Edward Jackson, Divorce

Natasha Hinton Farris vs. Patrick Lee Farris Jr., Divorce

VW Credit Inc., vs. Steven W. Johnson, Executory Process

Donald D. Parish vs. Takiyyah K. Rachal Parish, Divorce

Tower Loan Of Minden, First Tower Loan Inc., First Tower Loan LLC vs. Rhonda Clark, Rhonda K. Clark, Monies Due

Melissa Colleen Young Goessman vs. Gary Dean Goessman, Divorce

Sonya Lynette Harper vs. Alfa Speciality Insurance Corporation, Suzanne Bailey, Damages

David Budwah, Belinda Edwards vs. Webster Parish District Attorney, Name Change

Amanda Knippers OBO Minor Child vs. Rodney Brown and OBO Minor Child, Protective Order

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company vs. Safeway Insurance Company of Louisiana, Terrel Woods, Damages

Lad Financial LLC vs. Jessica Ford Richards, Corwin K. Richardson, Executory Process

Northern LA Med Ctr vs. Karla Sims, Lester Sims, Judgement Ex & Garnishment

Gayland Wosley vs. Jamestown Life Insurance Company, Genworth Life & Annuity Insurance Company, J.G. Wentworth Originations LLC, Structured Settlement

Discover Bank vs. Camille M. Barnard, Open Account

First American Mortgage Trust vs. Royal Morgan Madden, Executory Process

Milton Mangrum vs. Allstate Insurance Company, Louisiana Farm Bureau, Casuality Insurance Company, Candice N. Cripe, Damages

Wanda M. Smith vs. Freds Stores of Tennessee, Personal Injury

Glenda Annette Guin Lewis vs. Jeffrey Thurman Lewis Sr., Divorce

Buesa Energy Inc, Beusa Energy LLC vs. Webster Parish Sales and Use Tax Commission, Cindy Herrington Administrator, Petition

Melissa Craft and OBO Minor Children vs. Elton Craft, Protective Order

Reuben R. Cleveland vs. Michael O. Roberts, Protective Order

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association vs. Kimberly Wright Reeves, Jimmy Wayne Reeves, Executory Process

Sun Finance Company Inc, Sun Finance Company LLC vs. Linda Faye Wortham, Linda F. Wortham, Open Account

US Bank National Association vs. Tammy Yatko, James Yatko, Executory Process

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association vs. Laura Suzanne Gryder, Dale Douglas Gryder II, Executory Process

Barbara Lynn Butler vs. Marcus George Butler, Protective Order

Helen L. Mansel vs. Marcus G. Butler, Protective Order

Sun Finance Company Inc., Sun Finance Company LLC vs. Barbara Jean McClendon, Robert Lee McClendon, Robert L. McClendon, Open Account

Capital One Bank USA NA vs. Pamela J. Simmons, Open Account

Capital One Bank USA NA vs. Pamela J. Simmons, Open Account

Cach LLC vs. Rita Carter Beck, Rita J. Beck, Open Account

Ronald David Jernigan vs. Catherine Lyons Beard, Richard Dale Beard, Declaratory Judgment

Gibsland Bank & Trust Company vs. Tammy Denise Frye, Tracy Allen Frye, Executory Process

Credit Bureau of Louisiana, Retail Merchants Association Inc. vs. Ashleigh Turner Individually and as Admin, Judgement Ex & Garnishment

Citizens National Bank NA vs. Heather W. Lary, Gary Wayne Lary, Executory Process

Carla Baker, Albert Baker vs. Bruce Baker, Baker Lumber Co. Inc., Promissory Note

Bank of New York Trust Company NA, bank of New York Mellon Trust Company National Association vs. Shelly Lynn Austin Gray, David Ray Gray, Monies Due

Brenda Johnson vs. Melvin Jacobs, Damages

Debra Ann Stricklin vs. William E. Stricklin, Divorce

Vernon Gooding Jr. vs. Jacqueline Gooding, Protective Order

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Atravion Thornton, Atravion D. Thornton, Atravion Deuawn Thornton, Executory Process

Loretta L. Vaughan vs. National Fire Insurance, Company of Hartford, KLRR Commercial LLC, Derrell Ray Spurlock, Damages

Stacie Lynn Andrews Matie vs. Michael Charles Matie, Divorce

Walter Brown Jr. vs. Catherine Paulette Brown, Divorce

Candace Cook vs. Hollis Stiles, Benny L. Depingre, Damages

Ivan Smith Furniture Co. Inc. vs. Gary Lary AKA Gary Lary W., Heather Lary AKA Heather W. Lary, Contract

Sherry M. Hodge for Minor Child vs. Russell Glen Biller, Protective Order

Jessica L. Payne vs. John Thomas Payne, Protective Order






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