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Oct 01st

Write That Down For Me, Daddy

Many of you may have read this delightful book by Harry W Addison. It reminds me of the times in the Old Testament when the great leaders would stop the action and call the people together to 'write down some important things'. Instead of literally writing down details about the event, the prophetic leader would just have the people to 'stack up stones as a historical reminder that the LORD WAS HERE AND BLESSED IN A MIGHTY WAY'.

My daddy was a very strict person, but he was humorous as well. His many tales and stories would have livened up almost any crowd. Through the years, we wished "he had written certain stories so we could share them with our families"; but many details have been lost because we did not. We lost many of them since no stones were stacked for future generations.

We all have heard story-tellers and wished they had hared a written script, or heard a history professor as he shared great details about a battle, an important event that changed the course of history. We may have wished 'he had written down all of that information' so we could review it again.

The Israelites circled in the wilderness forty years, passing some of these stacked rocks. Do you imagine Moses stopped each time, in front of each of them, to rehearse the great things God did among His people? Soon the people could recite the 'lesson of the day'. That was the point!

We still stack stones today. When we gather for special occasions, we are 'recording notes of history' that become more important to the family each time it is repeated. Our families, in the past, gathered annually to celebrate family history and encourage each other. They called them REUNIONS. Graduation classes still meet to commemorate their rite of passage, and lay down another layer of memories.

We saw this in action last week with the homecoming activities at area schools. They rehashed school history, relived old memories and 'piled up more stories'..All important events and decisions count as 'monument markers' along the road of life. Birth, graduation, marriage, college, children, promotions, reunions, anniversaries, and even death - are but invitations to 'write the details down for the family.' When asked, "What do these stones mean?"....you can proudly say, 'this is where God and I met and He changed my life forever'.

The writer of Genesis recorded several accounts of 'stacking stones'. Gen 28:12 (Jacob at Bethel -wrestling with God)....a lasting memorial built to honor God; Gen. 31:45-49 (Jacob and Laban - at the Watchtower))....another memorial of stones; Deut.27:2-4 (God instructing Moses and the leaders of Israel in preparation of crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. V 3 "take out boulders from the river bottom and immediately pile them into a monument on the other side". In Eph 2:20 and 1Pet 2: 6-7 Jesus is referred to the 'Cornerstone we should all use as a plumb-line in checking our allegiance and commitment. When we measure up to this 'Cornerstone', we are 'writing down precious memories for future generations to follow'.

A read-through the Old Testament Pentateuch will reveal countless times when "memorial stones" were piled to remind His people that God will provide and fulfill His promises. And you can write that down!






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