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Oct 01st

Little league Opening Day is here

The Minden Recreation Department's little league season began last night with a full slate of games.


Minden Homecare 8, Photos by D 4

Jessica Mangrum struck out seven batters and took the win for Homecare. Sunni Wilson tripled and Laken Lee doubled. Macie Branch, Rayla Hardaway and Courtney Machen all singled.


Taylor Sutter tripled to lead Photos by D. Anna Cox and Kate Kidd both singled. Cox also struck out eight batters on the mound.

38 Reasons 20, VPW 3

Kayla Cage pitched a no-hitter and struck out five to lead 38 Reasons. Myequanek Gill tripled and Kaitlyn Dixon, Jasmine Morris, Mariah Washington, Tyia Green and Metosha Gill all singled.

Kenzie Taylor struck out eight batters for VPW.


Walkmar Resources 16, Aftershock 12

Priscilla Harrell led Walkmar, as she struck out six batters and singled.

Karlee Osbon, Nikki Riley and Deidre Johnson all doubled to lead Aftershock. Triveya Eason added a single.

O'Shea 11, Subway 1

Taylor Corbitt led O'Shea as she struck out 11 batters and singled. Megan Sims added a single.

Jayla Shine struck out nine batters and tripled to lead Subway. Caitlyn Scott added a single.


C.J.'s Diner 5, Easley Fine Arts 0

Harlie Walker and Kelly Murph both had two hits to lead C.J.'s. Kassidy Giddens doubled and Karli Gotshall, Bree Rodgers, SaAmbra Hadnot, Trinnity Cooper, Carley Wise and Lexi McKenzie all singled.

McKenna Edge singled for Easley's.

St. Rest 9, Meadow Farm Hummingbirds 6

Tayler banks homered and singled and Zimaya Manning homered to lead St. Rest. Ty Gill tripled and Quesha Jackson, Shania Freelon and Ty'Asia Shehee all had two singles each. Shamorrow Whiting and Madison Whitaker both singled.

Halie Cross doubled and La'Jayla Thornton, Nancy Silva, Loren Franks and Erin Lee all singled for Meadows Farm.


Bell Construction 11, Dragon Flies 10

Savannah Wilson singled twice to lead Bell. Camille Simonton, Claire Waites, Hollan Haynes and Lauren Still all singled.

Natalie Jumper led the Dragon Flies with two base hits and Alivia McKenzie, Emily Watson, Emma Greer and Christin Moore all singled.Kennon Krashers 21, Mine Divas 4

Imuniqu Thornton, TyKenya Harris and Reagan Lee all doubled to lead Kennon. Anointess Scott, Bethani Jackson, Ky Flournoy and Ada Faith Kennon all singled.

Alex Reynolds and Bailey Paul both singled to lead the Mini Divas.


Rangers 18, Minden Pediatrics 1

Jackson Powell singled, tripled and homered to lead the Rangers. Chase Holley had two doubles and a home run and Jeffrey

Wallace tripled and homered. Caid Thomas singled, doubled and homered and Hayden Brown had a single and a triple. Jedyah Taylor had two singles and a home run and Cole Osbon had three hits. Blake Bradley had two hits and Joel Glaze, Michael Veir and Charles Berry each added one.

Trey Martin doubled to lead Minden Pediatric. Soloman Bryant, Derek Flournoy and Ashton Gorman all singled.

Waterworks 8, Holley's 5

Seth Johnson had two homers to lead Waterworks. Luke Meek and Mason Garrett both doubled and Ryan Sheets, Keton Moore, Lucas Krouse, Eastland Carrigan and Dongelo Garner all singled.

Trent Walraven and Thomas Rhame both singled and homered to lead Holley's. Matthew Seales and Walker Wise both had two hits, and Corbin Kendrick, Slaid Gandy, Grayson Lamar, Chandler Strickland, Aiden Harris and Brian Foster all added base hits.

Swain's Sluggers 6, Castor 2

Rouquez Shehee singled twice to lead Swain's. Matt Calhoun, A.J. Salazar and Jacob Hortman all doubled and Connor Scarlett,

Lance Roberts, Connor Humphrey, Jacobreious Walker and Zach Hensel all singled.

Rozeman's Rookies 7, J&J Livestock Tigers 7

Justin Sibley and Jonathon Parkerson both had two hits to lead the Rookies. Andrew Fegley, Chance Hammons, Jaylon Jenkins,

Domnick Paddy, Caleb Baker and Jy'Roceyun Scott all singled.

Cade Ebarb homered to lead the Tigers. Carson parker had two hits and Raymond Dillard, E.J. Martin, Hagan Land, Titus Sterling, Cameron Johnson, Dustin Hunter and Matthew Jackson all added one each.


Minden Farm & Garden 20, Minden Athletic 6

Joseph Windham and Parker Christy both had two hits to lead MF&G. Nick Mourad struck out five batters and singled. Cameron Morgan doubled and Mason Hood and Zi Baker both singled.

N. Burge led Athletic with a double and struck out four batters.

Bones and Biscuits 16, Party Express 5

Barnette homered to lead B&B and Dollar tripled. McLean added a double and Melton and Stewart both singled.

R. Johnson had two singles to lead Party Express. C. Mitchell added a single.

La. Realty 13, Frizzell Construction 9

Haynes Mandino led La. Realty with two singles. C. Clemons, T. Flournoy, T. Brown, A.J. Crow and D. Lockett all added singles.

C. Frizzell led Frizzell with a double while striking out seven batters. W. Dennis, M. Spones and T. Sparks all added singles.

Dixie Youth

Rangers 13, Gray's Jewelry 7

Crumpler led the Rangers with two singles, and Lilly, J. Gray and Phenix each had one. J. Gray also struck out five batters.

Conner Davis singled twice and struck out five batters to lead Gray's. Grayson Harper and Peyton Gray added singles.

Roco Tire 6, Woodard Construction 4

Te'Kanzae Williams struck out five batters and singled to lead Roco Tire. Camo Barnett and Britt Thompson added singles.

Tyler Perryman struck out four batters and singled twice to lead Woodard. Breylan Kemps and D'Kameren Thorton both singled.

Frizzell 16, Yankees 6

C. Frizzell struck out seven batters and singled to lead Frizzell. C. Ray had two hits and H. Williams singled and tripled. R. Abney singled.

Colby Meyers and Seth Tyler both singled for the Yankees.

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