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Oct 02nd

Life Without a Spare Tire

Both of my sons own Ford Mustangs. They love their cars for the most part. However, we have learned that neither has a spare tire.

Apparently, in order to save money, weight, etc., Ford decided to forego even a "donut" spare in exchange for a pump and some sort of "fix a flat" material. This week, we needed a spare tire.

My oldest sliced his tire on a curb and ended up with a flat. Not a good time to discover you have no spare.

Life without a spare tire is much like life without a backup plan, rainy day fund or "Plan B."

Many people go through not knowing they needed a spare until they "needed a spare." Others worry about their lack of a spare, even though they may never actually need it.

Personally, I think we are all better off with the peace of mind that comes with a spare. Even if you never have to use the spare, it is comforting to know it is there.

In business and life, we should know whether or not we have a spare. If we do, great. If we don't, then we should make it a priority to get one.

I am sure my oldest son will make it a priority to have a spare — somewhere.

In fact, I think I'll go check the tire pressure in my spare right now.

My Site Was Down. Did I Learn My Lesson?

This blog site it the homepage for my browser. To my surprise, when I fired up things Monday morning, all I saw was a blank page.

After having been hacked and blacklisted during the past month or so, many thoughts ran through my mind.

"Oh no!. Not again!"

After a moment to think things through, I decided to check with my host, BlueHost. Additionally, I checked with my site security provider, SiteLock.

SiteLock said it looked like a server problem from their end, and that my host should be able to fix things. So I decided to wait on a response from BlueHost.

After was seemed to be an eternity, I received a message stating it was a code error in one of my files and that I would need to fix things from my end.

I felt a sense of panic begin to overtake me. As someone who does not "code," the idea of that being the problem, and the solution seemed a little overwhelming.

I did a little research on the problem and found it wasn't all that rare. In fact, many head fixed their issues by simply uploading a "non corrupted" version of the file causing the error.

I did that.

It didn't work.

As my anxiety began to increase a bit, I perused my control panel to find a "backup and restore" icon. Could this be my answer?

I clicked the icon to find backed up versions of my site a day, week and month old.

I restored from the weekly backup and "VOILA!" — the site is back up.

A lesson for all of us is that backups are invaluable — whether it is your files, your computer or your website.

David Specht Jr. is Vice President of Specht Newspapers, Inc. and Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. View his blog at www.DavidASpecht.com.






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