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Oct 01st


Surely you have been admiring the beautiful trees all around town these past two month!

Breathtaking - is an understatement. How can our Creator just keep on painting the horizon each year with such murals? We all have our favorites. A problem is to narrow them down to the "Top Ten". There are so many displaying their leaves this fall: birch, ash, gums, hickory, pears, dogwoods, cypress, elm, etc. But my favorite this fall is the red maple in our back yard! Joyce Kilmer must have seen the same ones I mentioned, for he was inspired to write the popular poem -TREES.

From reading about his upbringing, Mr. Kilmer knew about the significance of the "tree" in biblical teachings. There are about 20 references in Genesis alone; about 150 times in the entire Bible. Add about 140 references to "trees" and we see the significance of special creation. Psalm 1 refers to 'godly men and women' being like trees planted by streams of water, whose leaves never wither and yield fruit in all seasons.'

We've known 'trees' who blessed our lives in many ways. Their lives were beautiful presentations of God's love and grace in the lives of many. Grandparents, parents, teachers, pastors, coaches, special friends - trees in our lives.Think of a few of these trees in your life, (and if possible) make some kind of contact with them or their family during the Holiday Season. Remind them of how their "poem of life has influenced you".

Reflect on these simple words written in 1914 by this 28 year old man. Kilmer would lose his life fighting in France (World War 1) and was awarded posthumously the highest honor from the French Government for his heroic efforts there. Little did he know how these words would live into these future generations, bringing such attention to TREES!

I think that I shall never see...A poem as lovely as a tree; A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed...Against the sweet earth's flowing breast. A tree that looks at God all day...And lifts her leafy arms to pray. A tree that may in summer wear...A net of robins in her hair. Upon whose bosom snow has lain....Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me...But only God can make a tree.






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