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Oct 02nd

Task force doubles up

Members of the north Webster Drug Task Force doubled their pleasure Tuesday with the arrest of two known drug dealers.

Kelvin J. (K-Dog) Hawthorne, 34, of 6th Street SW in Springhill, has been charged with three counts of distribution of CDS Sch. II (Crack Cocaine).


Natishue L. (Tishaa-Boo) Roe, 31, of the 1300 block of Machen Drive in Springhill, faces two charges of distribution of CDS Sch. II (Crack Cocaine) and one charge of possession of CDS Sch. III (Lortab) without a prescription.

Webster Parish Sheriff’s Lt. Shawn Baker, Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd and Springhill Police Officer Ronald Wedgeworth made the arrests.

“Hawthorne was already incarcerated at the Springhill jail under city charges for disturbing the peace,” Baker said. “He was scheduled to be released, and we obtained the warrants on drug distribution, so we could just arrest him again.”

Baker said they learned Hawthorne’s girlfriend, Roe, was coming to visit him in jail.

Natishue_Roe“We knew we had some warrants on her, too, so we just prearranged to pick her up at the same time.”

Roe is at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center on bonds totaling $150,000.

Hawthorne was also transported to BDCC. His bonds total $200,000.

Baker said he is pleased with the arrests.

“We’ve got a long way to go,” he said. “But Hawthorne is one we classified as a ‘high roller’ in this part of the parish. He was moving a lot of dope.

“We (Baker and Lynd) have been fooling with Hawthorne for about 11 years,” he said. “We intend to talk to the district attorney and try to multi-bill him.”

A felon convicted under multi-billing faces a life sentence in prison.

More ArrestsKambie_Hauser

In an unrelated incidence, the task force, along with Springhill Police Sgt. Taccara Ford also arrested 37-year-old Kambie Renea Hauser (Thomas) at her Elmwood  address in Springhill.

She is charged with distribution of CDS Sch. IV (Kolonopin) in the presence of a minor, distribution of CDS Sch. II (Methadone) and possession of CDS Sch. II (Crack Cocaine).

“She was selling prescription pills,” Baker said. “She had several prior arrests.”

Hauser is currently incarcerated at BDCC with bonds totaling $100,000.

Kenny_EvansKenny B. Evans, 40, of Spruce Street in Springhill was arrested at his residence on four active distribution charges.

They include three for distribution of CDS Sch. II (Crack Cocaine) and one for distribution of CDS Sch. II (Powder Cocaine).

“We run into him every time we do an undercover buy,” Baker said. “We thought we’d get him out of the way for a while.”

Evans is jailed at BDCC with bonds totaling $120,000.

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