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Sep 30th

Victim sprayed in parking lot

Lbritney NolesA shopper got more than her purchases when she was attacked in the parking lot of a local discount store, and her attacker bought time at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.

Lbritney Irene Noles, 19, of the 700 block of Carolina Street, was arrested by Minden Police last week and charged with second degree battery.

Chief Steve Cropper said the victim was leaving the store around 7 p.m. Thursday when she was attacked.

"Officer First Class Ben Allen and Officer First Class Chris Hammontree were told by the victim that she and her seven-year-old child had been attacked and pepper sprayed by Noles," Cropper said. "One of the officers pulled the video from the security camera, and it clearly indicated that Noles was parked two spaces over from the victim's vehicle."

According to reports, when the victim approached her vehicle, Noles exited, walked up to the victim and struck her.

"At that point and time, Noles dragged the victim across the parking lot and sprayed her with pepper spray," Cropper said. "Noles then re-entered her vehicle and fled the scene."

Webster Parish Sheriff's deputies reportedly located Noles' vehicle and detained Noles until Allen and Hammontree arrived to take her into custody.

"They advised Noles of her Miranda rights and got consent to search her vehicle," Cropper said. "In her vehicle, they located a can of pepper spray that had been recently used."

Although the reports did not state why Noles attacked the victim, Cropper said the two had been sending "harassing text messages to each other."

Noles was booked and transported to BDCC.






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