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Oct 02nd

Cooper Tires, Minden Tiders get big wins

Here's a look at the Minden Recreation Department's little league football action from last week.

Second to 4th-graders

Cooper Tire Cobras 8, Gibsland Bank & Trust 6

Fernundo Thornton led the Cobras with 104 yards including a 49-yard touchdown. Skyler Butler added 12 yards and Andrew Cooper added two-point conversion.

Jaylen Green, Kentravion Lister and Thornton all led the defense.

Travion Sanders rushed for 95 yards, including a 73-yard touchdown to lead GB&T. Raymond Dillard Jr. added two yards and Jacolby Snell added four.

Dillard, Snell, Sanders and Cade Ebarb all led the team in tackles.

Little Tiders 14, Minden Athletic Crimson Tide 6

Tristian Murry led the Little Tiders with 91 yards including a 67-yard touchdown. Cartez Alexander had a five-yard score in his 26 yards, and Ty Green added 12 yards.

Shundell Gill, Green, Murry and Alexander all led the defense.

Carson Parker led the Crimson Tide with 74 yards and a 69-yard touchdown. Landen Hopkins added 32 yards, Parker Cupples four and Jake Wilkins three.

Kaden Griffith, Logan Rhoads and Wilkins all led the defense.

Cooper Tire Cobras 21, Haynie Ind. Hawks 0

Fernundo Thornton led the Cobras with 132 yards iand three touchdowns (70, 19 and 15-yards). Skyler Butler added four yards and Andrew Cooper added three extra points.

Kentravion Rogers, Thornton and Parker Hall led the defense.

Markadius Holland (14 yards) and Jordan Young (15) led the Hawks. Young, Collin Murphy and Ja'Vonte Morris all led the defense.

Fifth and 6th-graders

Harrington's Minden Tiders 45, Cactus Wellhead Cardinals 0

Kentrevion Rogers (98 yards and two touchdowns) and Tyquan Edwards (94 yards and two touchdowns and a interception return for a touchdown) led the Tiders. Timothy Weatherton added a 28-yard touchdown, and Nathaniel White had an 18-yard score. Max Edwards had a five-yard touchdown run and Will Martin added 11 yards. Hunter Womack (eight yards) and De'Audrick Gill (two) added yards.

Dorrce Eason, Gill, Braxton Jackson and Alonzo Lister all led the defense.

David Joseph led the Cardinals with 38 yards and Damion Joseph had 12. JC Brown added eightyards.

Asa Greer led the defense, and David Joesph, Damion Joseph and Jaylon Duty all added tackles.

Haynie Ind. Mohawks 32, Dirty Birds 26

Lacarios Lofton led the Mohawks with 208 yards and three touchdowns (49, 48 and 42-yards). Charles Oliver added 92 yards including touchdowns of 71 and seven-yards and t Tyrin Elkins added an extra point. Kiernan Combs, Lofton and Cameron Barton all led the defense.

Joshua Sims Manning led the Dirty Birds with 141 yards and touchdowns of 52 and seven-yards. Zack Morris ran for 38 yards and two touchdowns (27 and nine-yards), and Eric Mims (11) and Miguel Turner (five) added yards.

Morris, Caleb Fayard, Christian Marsh and Von Johnson all led the defense.

Dirty Birds 27, Patillo Punishers 20

Zack Morris ran for 169 yards and two touchdowns (93 and 72-yards) to lead teh Dirty Birds. Joshua Sims Manning added 73 yards and two touchdowns and Miguel Turner added 57 yards.

D'Montez Smith, Caleb Fayard, Sims Manning and Morris all led the defense.

Tyrese Myles led the Punishers with 70 yards and an 11-yard touchdown. Simuel Shaw returned an interception 76-yards for a touchdown. Nycholas Williams added 29 yards and Aldravion Taylor had 21 yards and an extra point.

Shaw, James Taylor, Tyler Barber and Chance Mitchell all led the defense.






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