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Oct 01st

Glenbrook Apaches begin fall football practice

Glenbrook head football coach Ryan Porter looked happy to be back out on the school's practice field earlier this week, as he ran his team through their first two-a-day practice of the fall.

"I was just excited to get started," he said. "I was ready to get everybody together and get started. With all the work we put in before the season even starts, I was just ready to get going."

Porter was happy with the work his team put in this summer, in the weight room and on the field.

"The kids worked extremely hard this summer," he said. "The summer participation was as good as any summer since I've been here. They hit the weights hard and we did very well in our 7 on 7 games as well."

The Apaches went undefeated in their 7 on 7 games, beating teams like Claiborne Academy, Green Oaks and Ringgold.

With the majority of his team having a couple of years under his guidance, Porter feels this year's team is ahead of schedule as they get ready for the season.

"This is going to be my third year here, and for a lot of the kids, it's their second or third year with the same system," he said. "So we're just so far ahead of the game right now. The leaps of improvement this senior class has made has been really good."

Knowing the system has allowed the Apaches' offense to easily get up to speed.

"With all the experience and the work we've put in, we just feel like we've gotten a head start," Porter said. "Especially with all the work in the 7 on 7 this summer. We've been able to install our entire passing game this summer, so early on we're just working on knocking the rust off our skill players and trying to get our linemen's cardio up."

Getting everyone's cardio up might be a good idea, as the Apaches' numbers are still limited.

"We're not going to have as many as I had hoped," Porter said. "In grades 10 through 12 we're going to have about 18 or 19 kids. We lost one to injury in the spring game and we had three or four others quit over the summer, and that hurt because we were hoping to have around the mid-20's. But I will say this, this group we do have is a very solid and talented group. We just have to stay healthy. If we can do that, I think we can go a long, long way."

The Apaches will amp up their schedule over the next couple of weeks and then will host a five-team jamboree at Glenbrook on Friday, August 12. Teams from Glenbrook, Riverdale,Claiborne Academy, Union Christian Academy and Cenla Christian Academy will all take part.






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