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Oct 02nd

Little league season beginning to wind down


Results from Tuesday's action from the baseball fields at the Minden Recreation Complex


Frizzell Consulting 15, J&J 1

Keegan Frizzell and Maddox Mandino both had two homers and a doubled to lead Frizzell. C

ameron Herman tripled and homered and Xander Turner and Ramon Tolbert both singled twice and tripled. parker hall and Ashton Stewart both had two hits and Andrew Cooper had one.

Ray Dillard had two doubles to lead J&J, and Cade Ebarb tripled. Hagen Land, Carson parker and Dustin Hunter all added singles.

Waterworks 16, Minden Pediatrics 2

Keaton Moore had two homers and parker Cupples and Seth Johnson both tripled and homered to lead Waterworks. Cameron Coleman homered and Luke Meek, Eastland Carrigan, Lucas Krouse, Payton Allen and DeAngelo Garner all had two hits. jake Moro tripled and Ryan Sheets, Coen Denny and Mason Garrett all singled.

Grady Brasher doubled and Jackson Mckinney, Mason Harper and Derrick Flournoy all singled for Minden Pediatrics.

Rozeman's Rookies 12, Swain's Sluggers 2

Jyriceyan Scott had three hits to lead the Rookies. Cooper Parks, Caleb Baker, Justin Cage, Kenny James, Andrew Fegley and Jonathan Parkerson all had two hits. Justin Sibley, Chance Hammons and Jaylon Jenkins all added base hits.

Michael Smith and Jakob Walker both had two hits to lead Swain's. Connor Scarlett, Jacob Hortman and Bryce Swain all added base hits.

Astros 15, Castor 6

Ashton Sparks, Peyton Wells, Tristian Murray, Blaine Sparks, Jacob Vanlangendonck, Jacob Corke and Trevor Farley all had two hits to lead the Astros. Hunter Nutt, Brandon beck and Cedric Williams all added hits.

Ethan Latour, Joseph Sullivan and Michael Evans all had two hits to lead Castor. Cade Young, Phenix Tappy and Drake Freeman all added base hits.

Rangers 11, Vintage Car Club 1

Jedyah Taylor had three hits to lead the Rangers. Chase Holley, Jeffery Wallace, Landen Thomas and Blake Bradley all had two hits, and Jackson Powell, hayden Brown, cade Thomas, Cole Osbon and Charles Berry all added base hits.

Trenton McLaughlin, Aldravion Taylor, Travion Sanders and Kiernan Combs all had hits for Vintage.


La. State Realty 20, Castor 3

Brittain Ranger, JC Brown and AJ Crow all combined to throw a no-hitter for La. State. Ranger doubled and tripled and Johnny Law Flournoy had two singles and a double. Haynes Mandino singled and tripled and Cade Clemons singled.

Britton Allums struck out four batters for Castor.

La. pain Clinic 7, Divine Services 6

Stone Lawson struck out seven batters to lead la. Pain. Joseph Kidd singled and tripled and Justin Billups singled.

Jerestin Baugh struck out eight batters to lead Divine Services. Chase Boutwell had two hits and Bryce Birdsong and Brandon Scott both had singles.

Dixie Youth

Gray's Jewelry Diamondbacks 13, Woodard Consulting 8

Kory McGee struck out nine batters and singled to lead the D'backs. Peyton Gray had two singles and two doubles and Grayson Harper had two singles. Connor Davis, Jarrett Gates and Adam Petty added base hits.

Ryan Marquez homered to lead Woodard. Trey Rink had three hits and Karsun Randall had a double and a triple. Tyler Perryman had two singles and Seth Lowe added a base hit.

Frizzell Consulting 8, Yankees 4

Bryce Taylor had two singles and a home run to lead Frizzell. Colin Frizzell struck out seven batters and Billy Cage tripled. Sam Hesser and Clint Ray both had two hits. Hayden Williams and Ray Abney added base hits.

Colby Myers struck out eight batters and singled and tripled to lead the Yankees. Jalien Moore and Matt Allums both tripled.

Minden Farm & Garden 11, Roco Tire 9

Mason Hood had four hits and Nick Mourad struck out five batters and doubled to lead MF&G. Joseph Windham tripled and Jai Taylor had two hits. Austin Clemmons had two doubles and Parker Christy added a single.

Cameron Barnett struck out nine batters and singled three times to lead Roco Tire. Britt Thompson had a single and a double and Monty Willis, Greg Herman and Aaron Moses all doubled. Te'Konzae Williams and Dakota McGarity both singled.

Rangers 11, WS Construction 4

Jake Gray struck out seven batters and had two singles and a double to lead the Rangers. Cameron Gray and Braydon Jones both doubled.

Austin Wall struck out five batters and doubled and Jordan Dunn struck out five batters and singled and doubled to lead WS. jacob Poindexter doubled and Holter Frye singled.


Diamond Divas 9, Hummingbirds 6

Kara Bryce, Emma Mayfield, Kendelle Williams, Baylee Hough and Kannon Butler all had two hits to lead the Divas. Aubrie Dickson tripled and Alyssa Martin and Gracie Milam both singled.

Erin Lee had two hits to lead the Hummingbirds. Dara Harvey, Loren Neff, Ja'Mya Robinson, Cecily Gurgainers and La'Jayla Thornton all singled.

Minden Athletic 4, Castor 1

Whitney Shaw and Destiny Powell both doubled to lead Athletic. Abby Zemitias, Kelly Vise and Kasey Hesser all singled.

Desirae Parks doubled to lead castor. Kami Bumgardner added a single.


Mini Divas 22, Cooksey's Tax Service 1

Lauryn Gaddy tripled and homered to lead the Divas. Riley Young, Lydia Cox and Alex Reynolds all had three hits, and Bailey Paul, Evelyn Butler, Sydney Robinson and Hannah Mosley all had two hits. Camille Marvin, Emma Earnhardt, Haley Self, Molly Fowler and Elynn kate Booth all added base hits.

Abby Carter, Kasey Sullivan and Treylin Cleveland all singled for Cooksey's.






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