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Oct 02nd

Astros, Cooper Tires get coach pitch wins

Results from Thursday's action from the baseball fields at the Minden Recreation Complex.

Coach Pitch

Cooper Tires 18, Minden Athletic 10

Dayton Sims, Kendall Dee Flournoy, CJ Watts, Chase Tolbert and Chase Sentell all had three hits to lead Cooper Tires. Jake Wilkins had two triples and Carter Barnett, Jake Chumley and Keegan Bryan all had two hits. Reggie Allen Reed, Cason Clemons and Colin Murphy all added base hits.

Tyler Daugherty, Cooper Chase and Brandon Winston all had three hits to lead Athletic. Price Miller and Jace Deloach both had two hits and Ty Willis, Hudson Dillard, Jacob King and Mason Lewis all added base hits.


Astros 11, Swain's Sluggers 7

Cedric Williams, Tristan Murray, Jacob Corke, Jacob Vanlangendonck and Hunter Nutt all had two hits to lead the Astros. Peyton Wells and Blaine Sparks both doubled.

Jacob Hortman, Zach Hensel, Royquez Shehee and Jacob Walker all had two hits to lead Swain's Sluggers. Michael Smith, Kyle Spears, AJ Salazar and Connor Humphries added singles.

Rangers 20, Waterworks 2

JeDyah Taylor, Hayden Brown, Chase Holley, Jeffrey Wallace and Jackson Powell all had three hits to lead the Rangers. Landen Hopkins, Cole Osbon and Charles Berry all had two hits each, and Cade Thomas, Michael Weir and Joel Glaze all singled.

Keaton Moore, Luke Meek, Ryan Sheets and Jake Moro all singled for Waterworks.

Vintage Car Club 7, J&J 4

AJ Coleman singled and homered and Trenton McLaughlin homered to lead Vintage. Travion Sanders had two hits and Kiernan Combs, Javion Harris, James Smith and Jamario Clark all singled.

Carson Parker tripled and homered to lead J&J. Ray Dillard, Matt Jackson and Ahmad Adams all tripled and Hagen Land, Cade Ebarb and Dustin Hunter all doubled.

Rozeman's Rookies 19, Castor 7

JyRoceyun Scott, Jaylon Jenkins, Jonathon Parkerson, Andrew Fegley, Chance Hammons, Domnick Paddy, Kenny James and Justin Cage all had three hits to lead the Rookies. Cooper Parks had two hits and Caleb Baker tripled.

Ethan Latour, Bridget Morgan, Joseph Sullivan, Michael Evans and Nicholas Wiggins all had two hits to lead Castor. Cade Young, Drake Freeman and Larry Thomas all singled.


Dixie Inn Travel Center 11, La. Pain Clinic 1

Cody Johnson threw a no-hitter and struck out 12 batters to lead the Travel Center. He also singled and doubled. Daniel Miller, Michael Wright, Noah Stanley and Jordan Fuller all added hits.

Stone Lawson struck out three batters for La. Pain Clinic.

HM&C 22, Divine Services 3

James Killingsworth had two singles and a double to lead HM&C. Thomas Parnell had two singles and Alexander Rasbury and Luke Price both doubled.

Bryce Birdsong and Chase Boutwell both singled for Divine Services.

Dixie Youth

Rangers 13, Roco Tire 2

Kadarius Phenix doubled and homered to lead the Rangers. Jake Gray struck out 12 batters and Peyton Lilly and Dalton Crumpler both doubled. Cameron Gray had two singles and Tanner Page had one.

Te'Konzae Williams had two hits and Monty Willis singled for Roco Tire.

Gray's Jewelry Diamondbacks 9, Frizzell Consulting 5

Peyton Gray led the D'backs with two home runs. He also struck out five batters. Jarrott Gates had two hits and Kory McGee and Adam Petty both doubled. Conner Davis and Roman Holiday both singled.

Hayden Williams struck out seven batters and singled to lead Frizzell. Sam Hesser had two hits and Billy Cage had one.

Minden Athletic 17, Yankees 7

Marcus Smith struck out six batters to lead Athletic. Jax Gaynor singled and tripled and Nick Burge tripled. Daveyun Solomon, Andre Moore and Jordan Lacour added base hits.

Seth Tyler tripled to lead the Yankees. Jalien Moore had two singles and Matt Allums doubled. Cam Lee added a hit.

WS Construction 16, Woodard Consulting 1

Holter Frye tripled to lead WS. Jordan Dunn had two hits and Brantly Ranger, Jacob Poindexter, Austin Wall, Justin Lewis and Dillon Gray all added base hits.

Di'Kamerin Thornton doubled to lead Woodard.

Dixie Boys

Reagan's Rx 16, Braves 6

Spencer White struck out six batters and had two singles and two doubles to lead Reagan's. Austin Jones tripled and Caden Copeland singled and doubled. Sam Marvin and Kelcey Miller both singled.

Thomas Lambert singled twice and homered to lead the Braves. Luke Griffith doubled.

The Tide 5, Hawkeyes 0

Trace Francis struck out seven batters to lead the Tide. Skyler Jones tripled and Aubrey Dennis had two singles. Walker Williams doubled and Josh Wilkins and Britten Culverhouse both singled.

Davien Moore struck out five batters and singled to lead the Hawkeyes. Chris Rodgers and Ethyn Wynn added base hits.






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