Minden Press-Herald

Sep 30th

Showing off the good at MHS

10-05_mhsMinden High School showed off their campus and student achievements to State Superintendent John White this week.

MHS Principal Robin Tucker introduced seniors representing the student body to White, after he was welcomed to the campus by Webster Parish School Superintendent Steve Dozier, Secondary Supervisor Morris Busby, Webster Parish School Board President Johnnye Kennon and (???) Michelle Finley.

“We are glad to have an opportunity to show the (State) Superintendent what Minden High is accomplishing,” Tucker said. “It isn’t too often that someone stops by from the state level and we are happy to have the opportunity to meet and visit with Mr. White.”

Although White was only scheduled to be at Minden High School, one of several stops on his tour across 26 parishes, for less than two hours, he was able to ask questions of students that greeted him as well as teachers and other faculty members.

White said he thought student uniforms at the high school level was unusual, but that he liked the policy. He also noted that Minden High was on the right track with their Advance Placement program and other college preparedness programs.

After being greeted by students, White met with faculty members to continue the discussion he has held across the state regarding the expansion of Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, the impact of Common Core State Standards and career education in the Course Choice program.

Teachers were able to explain to White their anxieties of the new teacher evaluation system, which takes affect this year, even though the evaluation has not been released or seen by teachers.

Also of concern is the transition to Common Core standards at the high school level where developing curriculum may be seen as challenging. White said both concerns over Compass and Common Core have been voiced to him from teachers through out his tour.

“I know this seems rushed and ill implemented, you are not the only one I am hearing that from,” However, this is something we piloted during the 2011- 2012 school year. If districts wanted to participate that was up to them. We have been focusing on these topics for quite sometime. I think that when you have a big change, whether it is in education or something else, it can feel rushed because it is new. I know this is difficult,” he continued. “But long term, we will see benefits form these changes.”






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