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Oct 01st


We all have been overloaded with information and details of the recent NFL draft. It is almost "more than we want to know." Next year it will be the same. Are we pushing the button too hard for what it's worth? We have learned all the vital statistics of each football player up for the draft; we know their families and also the shoe size of each one. Interviews revealed many personal aspects of players, making us wonder 'why is this so important?' (Criminal records, academic problems, Moral issues, etc).

I was reading about the acronym used by NFL coaches and team owners as each draftee is evaluated. If "DND/C" is marked by their name, the player is generally passed over. Left alone! Is not drafted! If the evaluation form reveals DND/C for a prospective player, chances are he is no longer considered of value to the team.(DND/C) - Do Not Daft (because of) Character! No matter how qualified a prospect may be, it would be a costly mistake to spend a draft pick on someone with a character issues. Team sports calls for complete commitment to the each other, the game and rules of the game.

Most coaches want men with proven character. Leadership demands it. Those with plenty of experience, talent, skills and a fit for the team's needs, may not be the best choice, if he lacks character, Tony Dungy said, "it would be a costly mistake in the long run to pick him. Soon his true colors will show through and it will be evident that flaws will begin to appear in his character traits, resulting in team conflict."

The Psalmist speaks of of holiness and purity of heart. "Who shall enter into the presence of God on His holy hill? Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts!" (Psalm 15:1-2).

In every aspect of life, character is so important. Think about your doctors when your health is in the balance; Or the pharmacist filling prescriptions for you; or the pilot flying you on an international flight; or the cook at your favorite restaurant! What if any of these have flawed character and just "don't give a rip about providing the best they can for you"? Regardless of what we think: others are watching us, some with suspicious eyes! Our character must always shine clean.

Let's say we are interviewing a potential football player for our team, or a prospective pastor for our church: what would a few character flaws reveal to us about their effectiveness as they relate to those around them? What would our trust level be? It is so important that we seek to teach our youth by example so they can see "character in action" that leads to maturity in the right sense.

Remember the admonition: "Teach your children well"? Teach by example! As we loose the bonds of our seniors, give blessings to newlyweds, or root for draftees of favorite football teams - let's not be caught up in the "results-oriented" mentality. But, moreover, remember you will never lose by emphasizing "character over results" Be successful in who you are and not in just what you do!






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