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Sep 30th

I am What I am

Your humble observer has been catching a little flak lately from Democrat friends who claim my observations have been taking a decidedly Republican tone. Sorry about that, supposedly like-minded partyites, but nowhere on my registration card did I see a clause urging/suggesting/demanding I march always in lockstep with every stance taken by my party of choice.

Observer's note: Those of you who are not a "D" person please pause, close your eyes and think Democrat. If you see a baby killing, idol worshiping, capitalist hating, big government promoting, tax loving obedient pawn of Barack, Nancy and Harry, you need to make adjustments to your pre-conceived prejudice.

With apologies to a famous spinach-loving sailor, I am what I am, and it is what it is. Methinks rather than attempt to change perceptions, we'll let the human brain absorb and disseminate. What comes out is what makes fodder for discussion...unless, of course, the discusser has been so ideologically brainwashed that intelligent thought is an Everest that will never be conquered.

Who's who of not-ins

Republicans who are seen as potential candidates seem to be gaining more media attention than some of those who are daily striving for their party's nomination. And the manner in which these "may-runs" are being put on display is raising the hackles of many who believe reporting heads love to seek and destroy more than give the Great Unwashed a fair reporting of the individual.

The could-be candidate du jour is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the Republican who strolled into power in an overwhelmingly Democrat leaning state and took on a big-deficit spending state government. Christie's popularity among many Republicans who are still looking for a candidate is on the rise, and so is the attention he's gaining from visual and print media. Much of that attention which has the overweight among us sucking in the gut.

Silly as it sounds, there's been plenty of broadcast and print discussion surrounding Christie's weight. No, not the political weight he throws around but the rather significant body which he throws a belt around.

Discussions about Christie's portly self insinuate that he may be physically unable to handle the job and that fat folks just aren't attractive as candidates. A few have even indicated that if gravity challenged individuals can't control their feeding urges, they can't control their country.

Woops. Apparently the fat watchers haven't been keeping up with their Congress. A quick stroll through the hallowed halls of both houses will put on display more than enough evidence that beauty and physique are no requisites for election. We would also remind those six-packed, beautiful people who report for us that there are more of us than them, overweightedly speaking. If they're not careful, a heavy scale-tipper could be propelled into the forefront of the Republican campaign faster than right-wing lips can sip tea.

Other Republicans who claim to be still in the thinking-about-it stage are big namers Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Rather than get into a lengthy discussion about each, let's take a seriously edited look at why these individuals will remain thinkers rather than doers.

Palin is overhyped. For all the love she gets from the serious right of the Republican Party, many believe she is not electable. Most of her campaign-type speech is geared toward criticism of either President Barack Obama or one of the perceived front-runners in her own party.

If Palin were a serious contender for her party's nomination, she would have served out her term in Alaska and shown herself to be true to public service. Instead, she opted for big bucks from television and the rubber chicken circuit. I don't believe any of the allegations made in the newest book allegedly covering her life, nor do I believe she is willing to take a pay cut.

Trump is over exposed. His political message is delivered with the same fervor as his "You're Fired" line his reality show. The reality of a Trump candidacy is based on a heavy dose of perception that his wealth has translated to success, and a successful businessman may be what is needed to get us out of this economic malaise. Reminder: Trump is an expert at financial restructuring and operating on borrowed capital. Hold it...that may make him a more viable candidate than we thought.

Giuliani is oversexed. Surely one would not expect the media to overlook the former mayor's little mistress faux pas, especially since reports indicated some of the trysts took place in his taxpayer funded residence. That episode aside, don't think for a moment Rudy would be a fan of tea party Republicans. So many of those individuals would rather remain ideologically pure than support an individual who does not have outstanding conservative credentials.

This just in...Gallup reports the majority of you (55 percent) do not have confidence in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. The recent poll also indicates 60 percent of you perceive bias in reporting; 47 percent claiming we're too liberal.

Forget what you read above...it most likely isn't true. Sorry about that.

Pat Culverhouse is a journalist and political columnist who lives in Minden. You may contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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