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Oct 01st

Never Register Your Gun

The following article is the second of two parts. Part one published last week.

In Texas, the ATF wanted to punish David Koresh because he was a gun dealer – a perfectly legitimate occupation in that outstanding hunting state. To generate hatred in the eyes of the nation against Koresh, the ATF circulated lies that he was molesting children in his Branch Davidian compound. In order to show the world how they were going to handle those terrible gun dealers, the ATF invited the already anti-gun liberal media to cover the event.

The ATF could have easily picked up Koresh anytime outside the compound when he left to go food shopping or go to the post office, but instead, attacked the compound. But to their great disappointment, the men inside defended themselves.

They shot back with their bolt-action, single shot hunting rifles against the ATF's automatic assault weapons.

It's unknown how many defenders died, but four agents were killed and 16 were wounded. In the end, after a 51 day standoff and the use of tear gas, helicopters, three Bradley wartime tanks and a horrific fire, 80 religious citizens including 22 American children were killed. The Clintons just shrugged it off. Now Hilary is promoting the U.N. Small Arms Treaty which, if ratified by the mainly Democrat (read: anti-gun) Senate, would make our Second Amendment invalid. And she wants to be president so bad she can taste it. Is it any wonder why Americans are buying so many guns?

Now, millions of our citizens are suspicious, perhaps even frightened. We have another anti-gun administration using a disaster to generate more emotion. Obama, who never lets a tragedy go to waste, wants to act quickly while the topic is still hot and enact draconian gun laws on law-abiding citizens who did not commit the crime.

He and VP Joe Biden, the most intelligence-deprived politician in Washington, plan to criss-cross the nation, spending millions of dollars in expensive fuel, hotel bills, salaries of secret service personnel, etc., which we can scarcely afford, to ram their agenda down our throats.

One of Obama's demands is to end the sale of armor-piercing ammo. What? Where did that come from? Were AP bullets used in any homicide? Or in Newtown, CT? Or anywhere? Or does he plan to use more tanks or armored personnel carriers against US citizens in a future confrontation?

Does the administration really want to solve the problem of school shootings? It doesn't look like it. The solution has been offered many times before, namely, eliminate "gun free zones" which are open invitations to lunatics. They know that there's no one inside who can stop them. In addition, let teachers, and in colleges, some reliable students, be armed. On a voluntary basis, teachers, with concealed-carry qualifications, are in the best position to stop violence immediately. A uniformed police officer would be the first victim of a crazed gunman. But this plan doesn't seem to be under consideration either.

The other major cause of school shootings has never been exposed. Ever since the Columbine shootings in Colorado in 1999, prescription drugs have been known to be present in most, if not all, of these atrocities. A prominent gun manufacturer, John Noveske, recently studied school shootings and student suicides and concluded that drugs had been present in over 40 incidents. The specific drugs used are Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Ritalin, Luvox, Lexapro and Effexor. But no one has even mentioned investigating the prescription drug problem.

So, gentle readers, do you own a gun? If you do, and someone asks you, don't tell him. Even if it's your friendly doctor or nurse. Because this is one of the secrets contained in Obamacare. Military veterans will be especially targeted.

From now on, it's nobody's business what you own. And don't, under any circumstances, regardless of the excuse or reason, ever, register your gun(s). In the history of the world, registration is the first step in the eventual confiscation of firearms.

In 1911 Turkey, in 1929 Russia, in 1938 Germany, in 1956 Cambodia, in 1964 Guatamala, and in 1970 Uganda, all established gun control. Registration made it easy for these tyrannical governments to seize all the guns. Then, all those who objected, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. For example, Hitler in Germany, not only killed 13 million Jews, but also Gentiles and anyone who got in his way. Over 56 million defenseless people during the 20th Century have been killed throughout the world because of gun control.

More recently England and Australia have both been victims of gun control. And the results? Scotland Yard is so busy with everyday crime, that they won't incarcerate a suspect until he's caught the third time. A home owner is serving a life sentence in prison because he killed a burglar and wounded a second thief who broke into his home with an unregistered gun. In Australia, after 650,000 guns were confiscated and law-abiding citizens could no longer defend themselves, armed robberies are up 45% and in Victoria, gun homicides are up 300%. Remember, criminals don't register their guns. You do so at your own peril.

On the other hand, in Switzerland, New Zealand and Israel, where there are guns in every home, crime is almost non-existent. But the GG's and our corrupt media don't want you to know that.

So, now you've seen truth and facts about guns and how much better off we are with them than without them. If you learned anything as a result, let it be this: Never register your guns. Period !

Vince Vella lives in Minden. He may be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .






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