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Oct 01st

Give blood; save lives

DSC_0002Summer M*A*S*H BASH is this week

Blood donors at the annual ktbs 3 M*A*S*H BASH will be rewarded with a special edition tee-shirt. But many will bring away much more from the experience ... knowing they have saved a life.

According to LifeShare Blood Center representative Mary Jo Henderson, her M*A*S*H BASH goal of 70 donors over the two-day period will save more than 200 lives in the community.

"This is not about competing with other districts or people to get a high number of donors," Henderson said. "This is about uniting a community in a life-saving effort."

M*A*S*H BASH will be held from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. at the Minden Civic Center Wednesday, July 13 and Thursday, July 14.

To donate one unit of blood takes 20-25 minutes, if there is no waiting line, Henderson said.

"We will also have the ALYX machines, and those take a little longer because it separates the blood into four parts," she said.

All types of blood are needed, Henderson said.

"People don't understand that this is every single day," Henderson said, referring to the need for blood.

Cancer survivors and those with body art may be okay to donate.

"At one time, if you had a tattoo, you had to wait a year before you could give blood," she said. "Now, the state inspects the parlors, and they have to meet certain standards, so if you get a tattoo, you only have to wait three weeks to give blood."

Cancer survivors only have to wait one year instead of the previous five.

Henderson hopes for more units now that 16-year-olds are eligible to donate.

"A parent must be with them to sign a consent form," Henderson said.

In fact, all of Minden and the surrounding area is a giving community when it comes to donating blood.

"Minden often beats Shreveport and Bossier," Henderson said. "But, this is not about competing because there are no losers when it comes to donating blood."

Henderson promises donors at the KTBS 3 M*A*S*H BASH will receive tee shirts, soft drinks, cookies, a hamburger from McDonald's and a free mini-physical.

"We check blood pressure, iron and other things that may send up a red flag if you have a problem," she said.

"Some people who have come in to give the gift of life have actually received it when we've found a problem for which they need medical attention."

Lifeshare holds four blood drives each year at the Minden Civic Center.

Occasionally, it's necessary to have what she called "emergency drives."






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