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Sep 30th

More Files = More Reasons to Go Paperless

As many readers are aware, I have been in the process of moving — both in my personal and professional lives. From building a house to occupying a new office, my world has been one of boxes and files.

Not only have I been forced to evaluate my own files, but I have been "blessed" with the task of going through the files of my predecessors. This is no easy task.

I have viewed files dating back 20+ years. I have learned what a true "pack rat" looks like. I only thought I was bad about keeping things for too long. From boxes of photos, old report cards and home mortgages — to business correspondence, financial reports and daily notes — I have seen it all.

This experience has reinforced my personal commitment to go paperless in my own life. Like I have mentioned before, I was inspired by Michael Hyatt to embrace Evernote and attempt the "paperless life."

While not easy at first, I am getting the hang of things. With the help of Evernote Essentials, I can now scan documents directly into Evernote. I can tag things. I can even clip website (but that's for another column).

The best part is that I can throw away the paper. Evernote has my stuff and it is safely accessible on all my devices. While there may be other apps that can accomplish this, Evernote is my "one-stop shop."

With Evernote, you can afford to be a pack rat. You can keep all those files, but they aren't junking up your desk drawers or attic.

I have not yet arrived to my paperless destination. But, I am further along than I once was. Hopefully, the person who follows me someday will have an easier time of sorting through things — whether they are at my home or office.

David Specht Jr. is Vice President of Specht Newspapers, Inc. and Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. View his blog at www.DavidASpecht.com.






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