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Oct 01st

New road leads to Legacy Acres


The Fuller Center for Housing / Webster Parish is forging ahead in preparation for a huge event which will take place in Minden this fall. And the first major hurdle has been cleared.

A new street now exists where only a short time ago it was nothing but woods and bushes. Millard Fuller Drive is the new street.

It is the traffic artery connecting Pine Street to this entirely new subdivision – Legacy Acres – which is the kick-off point for Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2011.

According to the Rev. Ben Martin, president of Fuller Center of Webster. Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2011 already has two house sponsors for the October build.

But Fuller Center for Housing / Webster Parish is calling for assistance from local individuals, corporations and foundations.

"We need more financial support for this enormous event," Martin said. "We estimate that we will need around $500,000 to build eight new houses and accomplish rehabilitation on eight others. And we currently have raised about $125,000.

"Anyone led by the Holy Spirit to consider sponsoring a house or a rehabilitation project should call me or call Charlie Park, our executive director," he continued.

With construction financing being provided by Carter Federal Credit Union, the new subdivision has underground water and sewer already installed and inspected by the City of Minden.

Cable television lines are in place underground, and telephone lines and gas lines should be installed within the next couple of weeks. Underground electric services are being installed this week.

With sub-contract work being handled by TGS Contractors of Minden and Specialty Trackhoe of Shreveport, Legacy Acres is rapidly coming into reality.

The subdivision is named in honor of the 3rd Annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build, which will take place on this site in October. The event will bring a projected 300 volunteers from all over the country to Minden to assist local residents in getting out of substandard housing and into simple, decent lodging. The Legacy Build has a goal to build eight new houses (all located on Millard Fuller Drive) and to do rehabilitation on eight others in the immediate neighborhood.

Legacy Acres will eventually be home for 22 new houses, and the remainder of the subdivision will be filled with houses in the months and years to come following the Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2011.

Millard Fuller Legacy Build is held each year in honor of the founder of The Fuller Center for Housing and Habitat for Humanity International.

After leading Habitat for Humanity for 28 years, Fuller left that organization and started an entirely new ministry with the same foundational principles he used in the formation of Habitat.

Homeowners must put in 500 hours of sweat equity by helping others build their houses and then working with volunteers on their own house.

Then the homeowner must purchase the house for exactly what Fuller Center for Housing spends to build the house with no profit to The Fuller Center.

The Fuller Center holds a zero-percent interest mortgage on the house, and the homeowner makes their monthly payments directly to The Fuller Center with the funds being used to build more houses.

The 15 members of the board of directors of Fuller Center of Webster have each taken on tasks to be accomplished to help make the Legacy Build a success. More volunteers are needed, and those interested in registering to work on a house should email their interest to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Further information can be obtained by called the Fuller Center Webster office at 539-2122.






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