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Oct 01st

Tracking storms at Central


StormTracker Steve teaches students about the weather

KSLA News 12's StormTracker Steve drove to Central Elementary School yesterday to educate students about the weather and his occupation.

Sixth grade teacher, Nancy St. Germain, said she was thrilled with the opportunity to incorporate Steven Parr's visit into her lesson plans.

"Central is a rural school, not Title I, so our funds are very limited," St. Germain said. "I think it is great that KSLA and the StormTracker Team provide this community service for students in the area."

The interest in the study of weather has increased for students in St. Germain's class since the announcement of Parr's arrival.

"We have talked for a couple of weeks about the meteorologist who would be visiting our school," said St. Germain. "The students have been excited, even telling me about watching the weather at night to "see StormTracker Steve."

"Many probably never watch the news or weather," she continued. "Even my five-year-old grandsons have watched to see him and were excited."

St. Germain said she thinks it is important to show students how science is applied outside of the classroom, in the working world.

"I enjoy having resource people in the classroom. It certainly adds to the interest of the students and exposes them to people and subjects that they otherwise might never learn about," she said. "We have studied about jobs that are science related and most recently were studying how scientists use models to predict weather, to study safe structures, etc., talked about weather systems, tracked hurricanes online and on a wall map."

Parr agrees with St. Germain, and said he is glad to offer his services.

"One of the things that we want to do is outreach to the community," he said. "We are a news station that serves the community and I believe that is where it all starts.

"I want to serve the viewers no matter what age they are," Parr continued. "With all the state testing, I want this to help them understand weather and do what I can to enhance the education that goes on in the classroom."






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