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Sep 21st

Common Laws All Should Know

10-05_white_mugIt has been said that “laws are meant to be broken”. I’m not sure who said it, but will bet dollars to doughnuts the one comin’ up with that remark can be found serving time in a penitentiary somewhere.

While I may disagree with a particular law, it sure as heck ain’t meant to be broken. There are folks out there who carry guns, drive fast cars, and use radar devices deisigned to be sure that if you do break the law, then you are gonna pay the price. And no, I’m not speakin’ from experience…., well, I did get a ticket back in 1970. And yes, I deserved it. No, I didn’t agree the speed limit should have been 45; I was thinkin’ more around 70 to 75.

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