Minden Press-Herald

Sep 19th

Help Your Brother, Don’t Hurt Him

We are commanded to help each other as the body of Christ. We are to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Faith. We are to stand in the gap, to bear each other's burdens, to love one another. In the mafia, in gangs, in secular brotherhoods, the members have each other's backs and they are not just like brothers, they become brothers. They don't tear down each other, they take care of each other.

The world tries to model things after what the church is supposed to be. The church has tried to model itself after the world, not after the scriptures. Secular, non-Christian groups, gangs, and mafias understand taking care of their brothers and sisters better than the Christian church does. In the mafia world, if someone talks about another mafia brother and a mafia member hears it, they don't join in, they go "you better shut up about my brother before I bust a cap in your butt." In the Christian church, it seems more like "This person is so awful... Can you believe they did that?" and then they exclude the person.

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