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Oct 01st

Glenbrook officials making plans in wake of gym fire


While Assistant Headmaster for Instruction Dr. Naomi Coyle is confident about the future of Glenbrook's music and art classes that were housed in the H.O. West Gymnasium recently destroyed by fire, it will be approximately two to three more weeks before decisions concerning next year's ballgames can be discussed.

"We really don't know anything yet from the standpoint of we still have adjusters coming out," said Bob Moorehead, Glenbrook Trustee.

According to Moorehead, some adjusters have already visited the site but several more are expected through the week.

"So we won't know anything probably for two or three more weeks because they have to do all their investigations," he said.

While the gym type activities are still uncertain, Coyle has already begun communication about next year's plans with Art teacher Chris Broussard and Music teacher Alicia DuBose.

"We will continue those (classes) ... we are educators so we are flexible," Coyle said.

"That is one of the questions that I have been asked," Coyle continued. "We are already making plans on how we can continue."

According to Coyle Physical Education classes will also continue next year.

Construction crews thought they were prepared in the event of a fire while working at Glenbrook's H.O. West Gymnasium last Friday afternoon; however, insulation from the 1970's and wind were more than they bargained for, according to Minden Fire Chief Kip Mourad.

"It's been determined that the cause of the fire was an accident," Mourad said. "It was caused from contractors cutting outside metal using a grinder.

"They had a water hose but they probably didn't know about the paper backed insulation from the 70's," Mourad continued. "They tried to put it out but the wind was blowing and it was just too much."

Responding to the fire as mutual aid for Minden were Minden's District 10, Dixie Inn (District 7), Evergreen (District 1), Sibley (District 2) and Heflin (District 11).

Moorehead said he realizes everyone is interested and excited to know what the plans are for ball practice and other gym type events but until the investigators are done no decisions can really be made.

"It is going to be two or three weeks before we know the assessed damage or try to come up with some values, and Naomi and Darden have a terrible charge to go and try to figure out what we are going to do with some of the classrooms that were over there," Moorehead continued.

Presently, the staff is challenged to make itemized lists of the lost content without entering the facility.

"We are just trying to scramble around right now and make some good itemized lists and try to figure out what it is that we have got to replace.

"We are not even supposed to go into the building right now until the investigation is over," Moorehead said. "So we are just staying away from it."

Until they are given the okay by the insurance adjusters, administration is asking for the public to stay away from the facility, if at all possible.

"We have asked everyone else to stay away if they can unless you have practice or something else that you're supposed to be here for," Moorehead continued.

While there is huge task ahead of all involved, Moorehead feels confident in the future.

"It is going to be a hard year," Moorehead said, "but we will make it through it and one day we are going all be better for it."






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