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Sep 21st

MTAC Stingrays win another meet

The Minden Tennis & Aquatic Club Stingrays won their fourth straight meet last Wednesday morning.

"We took first again," MTAC coach Emily Walker said. "We had a great meet. The teams we were competing against included: Louisiana Tech and Southern Trace. Wednesday and Thursday we will be in Shreveport competing against 15 other teams at the annual City Meet."

The MTAC team records were broken during the meet. Maddox Mandino set a new record in the 8 & under 50-yard free, Emma Mayfield broke the 11&12 50-yard breast stroke and the 6 & under free relay team of Jackson Lott, Cameron Smith, Reagan Coyle and Laci Beth Hough also set a new record.

6 & Under Mixed 100 Free Relay: 1st-Cameron Smith, Laci Beth Hough, Jackson Lott, and Reagan Coyle; 2nd-Madeline Whitehead, Brody Bower, Sophie Spillers, and Lola Dunn and 3rd-Macy Waller, Jackson Speer, Ava Woods, Blake Guin

8 & Under Boys 100 Medley Relay: 1st- Jackson McKinney, Jackson Mayfield, Maddox Mandino, Jake Wilkins and 2nd-Alex Martin, Colin Herndon, Colin Campbell, Eli Smithson

9-10 Girls 100 Medley Relay: 1st-Darie Walker, Peyton Mayfield, Madeline Frye, Lily Spillers; 2nd-Evie Walker, Emily Ramie, Piper Mealey, Evie Brasher and 3rd-Makayla Booth, Sarah Parnell, Macey Moseley, Elynn Kate Boothe

9-10 Boys 100 Medley Relay: 1st-Carson Parker, Beau Branch, Thomas Parnell, Carson Fields and 2nd-Asa Greer, Eastland Carrigan, Dallas Edwards, Logan Rhodes

11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay: 1st-Ireland Carrigan, Emma Mayfield, Cassidy McKinney, Amelia Christy and 2nd-Mary Claire Boothe, Blair Eubanks, Sara Beth Watson, Mary-Holland Floyd

11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st-Aidan Mealey, Ben Branch, Braeden McLemore, Haynes Mandino

13-14 Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st-Cameron Shaw, Jacob Booth, Cade Shaw, Josh Wilkins

6 & Under Girls 25 Free: 1st-Lacy Beth Hough, 2nd-Cameron Smith, 4th-Lola Dunn, 5th-Sophie Spillers and 6th-Madeline Whitehead

6 & Under Boys 25 Free: 2nd-Jackson Lott, 3rd-Reagan Coyle, 5th-Blake Guin and 6th-Brody Bower

8 & Under Girls 25 Free: 2nd-Anna Claire Lemoine, 3rd-Ella Floyd, 4th-Embeth Coyle, 4th-Alex Guin and 6th-Rayne West

8 & Under Boys 25 Free: 2nd-Jackson Mayfield, 3rd-Jake Wilkins, 4th-Jackson McKinney, 5th-Alex Martin and 6th-Eli Smithson

9-10 Girls 50 Free: 1st-Darbie Walker, 2nd-Peyton Mayfield, 3rd-Evie Brasher, 5th-Makayla Booth and 6th-Evie Walker

9-10 Boys 50 Free: 1st-Beau Branch, 2nd-Thomas Parnell, 3rd-Carson Fields, 4th-Logan Rhodes and 5th-Asa Greer

11-12 Girls 50 Free: 1st-Emma Mayfield, 2nd-Amelia Christy, 4th-Blair Eubanks and 6th-Mary Claire

11-12 Boys 50 Free: 1st-Ben Branch, 2nd-Cameron Shaw, 3rd-Aidan Mealey, 4th-Josh Ramie and 5th-Coleson Shaw

13-14 Girls 50 Free: 1st-Amanda McLemore

13-14 Boys 50 Free: 1st-Josh Wilkins, 2nd-Cade Shaw and 3rd-Jacob Booth

15-18 Girls 50 Free: 1st-Bailey Hassell and 2nd-Heather Stahl

9-10 Girls 100 IM: 1st-Madeline Frye and 2nd-Lily Spillers

9-10 Boys 100 IM: 1st-Thomas Parnell

11-12 Girls 100 IM: 1st-Cassidy McKinney, 2nd-Emma Mayfield and 3rd-Blair Eubanks

11-12 Boys 100 IM: 1st-Braeden McLemore, 2nd-Cameron Shaw, 3rd-Haynes Mandino and 4th-Ben Branch

13-14 Boys 100 IM: 1st-Cade Shaw

15-18 Girls 100 IM: 1st-Bailey Hassell

6 & Under Girls 25 Back: 2nd-Lola Dunn, 3rd-Cameron Smith, 4th-Lacy Beth Hough, 5th-Sophie Spillers and 6th-Madeline Whitehead

6 & Under Boys 25 Back: 1st-Jackson Lott, 3rd-Reagan Coyle and 4th-Blake Guin

8 & Under Girls 25 Back: 1st-Rayne West, 2nd-Anna Claire Lemoine, 3rd-Embeth Coyle, 5th-Ella Floyd

8 & Under Boys 25 Back: 2nd-Maddox Mandino, 3rd-Alex Martin and 5th-Colin Herndon

9-10 Girls 50 Back: 1st-Lily Spillers, 2nd-Peyton Mayfield, 3rd-Evie Walker, 4th-Darbie Walker and 5th-Makayla Booth

9-10 Boys 50 Back: 1st-Carson Fields, 2nd-Carson Parker, 4th-Asa Greer, 5th-Eastland Carrigan and 6th-Dallas Edwards

11-12 Girls 50 Back: 1st-Cassidy McKinney, 4th-Mary-Holland Floyd and 5th-Mary Claire Boothe

11-12 Boys 50 Back: 1st-Haynes Mandino and 2nd-Coleson Shaw

13-14 Girls 50 Back: 1st- Amanda McLemore

13-14 Boys 50 Back: 2nd-Jacob Booth

8 & Under Girls 50 Free: 1st-Rayne West, 2nd-Lexi Prince, 3rd-Caroline Floyd, 4th-Ryley Massey and 5th-Rebecca Harrington

8 & Under Boys 50 Free: 1st-Maddox Mandino, 2nd-Jackson Mayfield, 3rd-Colin Campbell, 4th-Jake Wilkins and 5th-Connor Woods

9-10 Girls 100 Free: 1st-Peyton Mayfield, 2nd-Makayla Booth, 3rd-Evie Walker and 4th-Elynn Kate Boothe

9-10 Boys 100 Free: 1st-Logan Rhodes, 2nd-Carson Fields and 3rd-Asa Greer

11-12 Girls 100 Free: 1st-Amelia Christy, 2nd-Ireland Carrigan, 3rd-Sara Beth Watson, 4th-Mary Claire Boothe and 5th-Bailey Hough

11-12 Boys 100 Free: 1st-Cameron Shaw and 2nd-Aidan Mealey

13-14 Boys 100 Free: 1st-Josh Wilkins

15-18 Girls 100 Free: 1st-Heather Stahl

8 & Under Girls 25 Butterfly: 2nd-Alex Guin and 3rd-Claire Waites

8 & Under Boys 25 Butterfly: 1st-Maddox Mandino, 2nd-Colin Herndon and 3rd-Jake Wilkins

9-10 Girls 50 Butterfly: 1st-Madeline Frye, 2nd-Piper Mealey and 3rd-Emily Ramie

9-10 Boys 50 Butterfly: 2nd-Dallas Edwards

11-12 Girls 50 Butterfly: 1st-Cassidy McKinney, 2nd-Ireland Carrigan and 3rd-Blair Eubanks

11-12 Boys 50 Butterfly: 1st-Braeden McLemore, 2nd-Haynes Mandino and 3rd-Josh Ramie

13-14 Boys 50 Butterfly: 1st-Cade Shaw and 2nd-Josh Wilkins

8 & Under Girls 25 Breast: 2nd-Anna Claire Lemoine, 3rd-Ella Floyd, 4th-Madeline Dunn, 5th-Embeth Coyle and 6th-Macey Moseley

8 & Under Boys 25 Breast: 1st-Jackson Mayfield, 2nd-Jackson McKinney, 4th-Alex Martin and 5th-Eli Smithson

9-10 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Madeline Frye, 2nd-Darbie Walker, 3rd-Piper Mealey, 4th-Lily Spillers and 6th-Evie Brasher

9-10 Boys 50 Breast: 1st-Thomas Parnell, 2nd-Beau Branch, 4th-Logan Rhodes and 5th-Eastland Carrigan

11-12 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Emma Mayfield, 3rd-Ireland Carrigan, 4th-Sara Beth Watson, 5th-Amelia Christy and 6th-Baylee Hough

11-12 Boys 50 Breast: 1st-Braeden McLemore, 2nd-Ben Branch, 3rd-Aidan Mealey, 4th-Coleson Shaw and 5th-Josh Ramie

13-14 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Amanda McLemore

13-14 Boys 50 Breast: 1st-Jacob Booth

15-18 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Bailey Hassell and 2nd-Heather Stahl

8 & Under Girls 100 Free Relay: 1st-Alex Guin, Embeth Coyle, Ella Floyd, Anna Claire Lemoine; 2nd-Katelyn Massey, Madeline Dunn, Rayne West, Claire Waites and 3rd-Caroline Floyd, Macey Moseley, Alexis Prince, Addison Thomas

8 & Under Boys 100 Free Relay: 1st-Jackson Mayfield, Jake Wilkins, Alex Martin, Maddox Mandino; 2nd-Colin Campbell, Colin Herndon, Eli Smithson, Jackson McKinney and 3rd-Jackson Lott, Trent Harbor, Chase Sentell, Reagan Coyle

9-10 Girls 100 Free Relay: 1st-Darbie Walker, Makayla Booth, Peyton Mayfield, Madeline Frye; 2nd-Piper Mealey, Sarah Parnell, Evie Brasher, Evie Walker and 3rd-Ryley Massey, Emily Ramie, Rebecca Harrington, Elynn Kate Boothe

9-10 Boys 100 Free Relay: 1st-Thomas Parnell, Carson Parker, Dallas Edwards, Beau Branch and 2nd Logan Rhodes, Carson Fields, Eastland Carrigan, Asa Greer

11-12 Girls 200 Free Relay: 1st-Ireland Carrigan, Cassidy McKinney, Amelia Christy, Emma Mayfield and 2nd-Baylee Hough, Sara Beth Watson, Blair Eubanks, Mary Claire Boothe

11-12 Boys 200 Free Relay: 1st-Ben Branch, Coleson Shaw, Aidan Mealey, Josh Ramie

13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay: 1st-Jacob Booth, Josh Wilkins, Cameron Shaw, Cade Shaw

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