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Sep 30th

Accents on Life

Last Saturday we enjoyed the Trails and Trellises' Tour, seeing many beautiful flowers and plants. On display there was nice landscaping and yard design. I was reminded how "spring has just taken over" and again, the Lord has painted another breathtaking scene for us to enjoy.

The hills are alive with the sounds of spring; the gardens are showing signs of seed sprouting from the pregnant soil, and the birds are busying looking for a "six-course meal". Dr. Charles Middleton tells of a farm boy and some lessons he learned. (Accents on Life) while helping his dad plant beans one year. (This could be the story of many of us who try to short-cut assigned tasks or do things our way).

On a nice spring afternoon the lad rushed home from school with all intentions of joining his buddies at the fishing hole for some fun. However, his dad met and told him he needed help in planting beans in the field. "Could it wait until tomorrow"?, he asked. "No", replied the father; "we must do it today". The boy pleaded, "but I really want to go fishing with my friends".

So the dad said, "if you will help me plant these beans, as soon as you are finished, you may go fishing." That sounded reasonable, the lad thought. So off to the field with his dad he went. "Now, son, I want you to plant the beans this way - 2 to the hill, about 10-12" apart."

Man, this is going to be quick, he thought and soon he was on his way to complete his work.

Two seed here, two there, two more, and two, and two and so on. There, he had finished one row. But the number of beans seemed about the same as when he started. Then he planted two more rows and he noticed the same thing...still beans, beans, beans. "I'll never get through this way, I got to work smarter; "I will do it this way". So, he began to drop 3-4 beans here and there; soon it was 5-6 to a hill. Time seemed to lag. Then he became desperate! He decided if he were to go fishing at all, he'd still have to speed up the process.

He then dipped into the bucket and began to dump hand fulls of beans at each hill. Here, there and on down the row he went. Finally, he just turned the bucket up and emptied the rest of the beans. "There, that's all; now I can go fishing". And he did and had a wonderful time.

He never had second thoughts about those beans and how he had planted them.

However, in about two weeks his dad met him when he came in from school and said, "Son, let's walk down to the field and see if the beans have come up". "I had not thought about them since I planted them", the boy thought. "I wonder if they really came up where I planted them?", he pondered. Well, sure enough...THEY DID. His dad said, "Look here, son; they came up just like we wanted them...2-3 per hill". Across the rows they walked. Then the father observed, "I wonder what happened here, they seem to be pretty thick; maybe you miscounted a bit".

When they finally came to the last row, the boy began to realize this truth: "beans come up in life just where they are planted and in the same quantity". For there they were for everyone to see: beans, beans, beans. He knew he deserved a licking from his dad. But the loving father said this, "Son, let's kneel down here and pray". And they did. The prayer was something like this: "Dear Lord, help my boy learn that the beans in life will come up wherever they are planted. So teach him to sow wisely, following Your directions so that when harvest time comes, his harvest in life will be bountiful. Teach him to put accent on the important things in life. Amen."

In life, if we want to enjoy the beauties of the flowers, we must plant the bulbs or seed ahead of time and give proper care. If we want sweet corn in late spring, we must follow directions carefully when to plant and fertilize it. If we want okra, we must plant okra. It just works that way. We put emphasis on the things most important. God directs us in such decisions if we but allow Him.

If we desire love, then we must love; if we need friends, then we must be friends; if we want forgiveness, then we must practice forgiving. The things we accent in life will rise to be prominent we grow older. Let's make sure we accent proper things in our lives. As Believers, these are most important: God, Family, Friends, along with Worship, Bible Study, Sharing our Faith, Prayer, Meditation, Service and Ministry. Planting these seed will always bring forth luscious fruit and plentiful yields. What are you accenting in life? Should we take inventory and see how well you are planing your 'garden of life'?






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