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Oct 02nd

In a dry place?

Dear Editor:

I made an error in the last weeks article. Where it says "Where no one is" it should have read "Where no water is".

I think that Mephibosheath told General Joab that he was afraid to see King David, but Joab must have said, you will see King David wether you want to or not. When he is taken to King David he bows before him and says, "What has the King to do with a dead dog such as I?" King David said "Have no fear, I promised your Father that I would not slay his son.

I want you to sit at my table and dine with me forever." If you can imagine what a kings table is like.

There must have been a lenin table cloth, crystal glasses, silverware and much good food. The linen table cloth covered Mephibosheath's crippled legs and he appeared just like one of the King's sons.

Mack Ford






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