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Oct 01st

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Pafford donates Suburban to Fire District 7

A recently donated Suburban is going through a change. Fire District 7 will soon have a command vehicle to use in large-scale-emergency incidents, thanks to a donation made by Pafford EMS.

When Deputy Chief Brian Williams learned that Pafford had a Suburban possibly going to surplus he approached Greg Pafford with his department's need.

"Greg (Pafford) was nice enough to donate it to us when I spoke to him," Williams said.

Now the once paramedic vehicle is being transformed into a fire command vehicle to assist his department in the event of an incident that requires extended time at a scene.

"We are going to utilize it as a command vehicle with extra radios and the equipment necessary to run a large scale incident from the back of the Suburban," Williams said.

The insignia for the outside of the Suburban changing it from Pafford's vehicle to District 7's vehicle is finished but special details for the inside to complete the transformation are still in progress.

"We are in the process of having the shelving system designed for the back of it and once we get that we will have the additional radios installed," Williams said.

Once the transformation is complete and in the event of a large-scale emergency Williams said the command post would come into good use for whomever is in charge at that scene – be it the fire chief, the sheriff or the homeland security director.

"The person that is in charge of the emergency scene can meet here at the suburban with the fire department representative and they can discuss the actions necessary to resolve the emergency at hand and they'll in turn relay information from the command post to the firefighters out there actually taking care of the emergency," Williams said.

According to Williams the new addition to District 7 will also be a vehicle to transport multiple firemen to any incident.






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