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Oct 01st

Battery charge is filed

courtney_lewisMinden Police have arrested a man for trying to choke his girlfriend when she wouldn't leave a residence with him.

Courtney Lewis, 26, of the 600 block of Columbia Street, has been charged wtih felony domestic battery abuse, disturbing the peace (intoxication) and remaining after being forbidden.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said Officer First Class Danny Turner arrived at a residence in the 700 block of Sibley Road to find three individuals – two female and one male – in the roadway.

"All three had blood on them," Cropper said. "But none of the injuries were bad."

Cropper said Turner contacted one of the women, who said Lewis had a knife and was choking her friend.

"Officer Turner ordered Lewis to the ground and called for back-up," Cropper said. "When OFC Chris McClaran arrived, they did a pat-down and handcuffed Lewis."

According to police reports, the woman, who owns the house, said the three were inside when she heard Lewis and her friend (the female victim) fighting in the bedroom.

"The homeowner told officers that her friend was trying to talk to Lewis, but he wouldn't listen to her," said Cropper. "Lewis grabbed the victim by the neck and was choking her while she was still on the bed. Then he tried to pull her out the door."

Lewis was allegedly pushing and shoving the victim when the female homeowner struck him with a beer bottle, in an effort to stop him.

"The victim said the argument started because Lewis wanted her to go with him and she wouldn't," Cropper said. "Then Lewis told her that he was going to kill himself with the knife if she didn't go with him."






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