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Oct 01st

Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist

Can you imagine being six months pregnant and feeling no movement from your baby? How desperate she must be. To carry a child and big baby bump to boot, but feeling no signs of life from her womb. Well this is just where we find Elizabeth. Pregnant by miraculous means, her husband temporarily unable to speak until the birth of the child, Elizabeth sits at home alone in silence and waits for movement in her tummy.

Elizabeth was visited by the angel Gabriel to tell her two things. First that she would become pregnant and that she had been chosen for a very special task to mother John the Baptist the man charged to prepare the way for Christ , and secondly she was told of her distant cousin a teenager, also chosen for greatness, would become pregnant and carry the Lord Jesus, the long awaited Messiah.

When Mary shows up at Elizabeth's house something amazing happens. Though she had felt no movement from the baby, and Mary had not told her cousin about her own pregnancy, when the two women embraced the baby in Elizabeth's womb jumped! Just like the jolt in her belly, there was a jolt for Mary too-Elizabeth knew she was pregnant with Jesus, and the two rejoiced together.

When the Lord calls us to be "chosen", sometimes we find ourselves in a place where no one can identify with our unique situation. Mary couldn't talk to her teenage girlfriends about being impregnated by the Holy Spirit, nor could Elizabeth speak to her friends older in age about her first pregnancy, miraculously conceived, and feeling no movement. No, these ladies would have been alone in their toils had it not been for the beautiful and wonderful grace of God. God knew that once they had been chosen they would no longer fit in with their group of friends. God answered their need for relationship during the troubling times ahead. They could rejoice together, cry together, and encourage one another.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that no one could relate to? Perhaps you're in one right now. Be encouraged that the Lord has a divine plan for your life just as he had for Elizabeth and Mary. Cry out to God with your heart and mind open, tell him your struggles and ask him for someone here on earth to help you through your situation. The person He provides may be an unlikely candidate, but just like Mary and Elizabeth, we are meant for relationships, and made to walk together through difficult changes in our lives. If your heart is open, He will direct your path to the person you are meant to walk through your situation with. He has a plan for your life and God Himself understands no matter what the case, He is with you always. Be encouraged, dear sister, there is someone out there that will be your accountable friend, just open your mind and rely on God for the answer.






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