Minden Press-Herald

Sep 30th

One arrested for stealing from employer

kayla_riddleA Shreveport woman, who allegedly stole money from a local cable company, has been arrested by Minden Police.

Kayla Riddle, 23, of the 1500 block of Herndon Avenue, was charged with felony theft after the company where she worked discovered several thousand dollars missing.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Riddle was working as a temporary employee at the local cable company, when her supervisor noticed a discrempancy in deposits.

"They weren't adding up," Cropper said. "Other employees were having to make corrections and eyebrows were raised at the way she was making deposits."

The chief said an investigation was opened and detectives Heath Balkom and Chris Cheatham subpoenaed Riddle's bank records.

"On the same day that one of the business deposits came up $3,500 short, Riddle made a cash deposit into her own account for $3,500," Cropper said.

The detectives learned that Riddle's boyfriend was on "paper," so they contacted his probation officer.

"They indicated that for a very long time, he (boyfriend) didn't pay any of his probation fees," Cropper said. "In the last few days, he came up with the total amount he owed them and payed them up front."

The detectives also learned the boyfriend had purchased a motorcycle, and the couple had moved into a new duplex in Shreveport.

With the aid of the U.S. Marshal's office in Shreveport, detectives obtained the address and also discovered that Riddle had taken another temporary job in Minden.

When detectives contacted the business, they were informed that Riddle had worked one day and was terminated.

"They said they owed her for eight hours' work, and she was supposed to come back over here and pick up her check," Cropper said. "Det. Balkom and Det. Cheatham watched the business, and when Riddle and her boyfriend pulled up, they took her into custody."

Riddle reportedly admitted to taking the $3,500. When detectives questioned her about additional money deposited in her account, she told them it was from family members who were trying to help the couple "get their feet on the ground."

Cropper said the boyfriend was released.

"He wasn't charged with anything," said the chief. "He was involved in spending the money – not stealing it."






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